Aug. 10th, 2006

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Note to self: Working out in the morning good. Must start fighting mulletdwarf on a daily basis again.

So, tomorrow night's the beer/birthday night for myself. 8pm at the Tin Hat in ballard- anyone else up for joining us? It's just beer- it's not like it's going to bite. Admittedly, the lights in there are a bit brighter than those in most of the clubs, and the deafening music is actually scaled back a little to the point where conversation can actually be had, so you'll all actually have to see and talk to each other instead of posing gracefully, but hey, we all make sacrifices, yes?

Lemme know if you're coming though, so we can grab an appropriately-sized table, ok?
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As a side note to people who want to hit the beer button: I don't recommend it.

Solely because of the fact that funds take about 4 days to transfer from my paypal account (where the button pays to) to my actual bank account. I made the main beer transfer back on tuesday, but with this morning's post, people have started sending me money that won't be able to go towards beer night itself. I think I'll just be putting that towards purchase of a six pack on my actual birthday, though (if y'all don't mind.), since that's a few days away still.
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Ever had one of these days?

With thanks to [ profile] daemonwolf for letting me gank this.


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