Dec. 19th, 2006

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Ever Wonder what happens when James Earl Jones' dialogue as Vader is replaced with some of his lines from other movies?

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And yet again I crash my rendering programs.

Why? Because I dared to command it to actually cast and receive shadows in a realistic manner! GRARGH!!!!!
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Ok. I'm starting a new meme. Here's how it works. I'm going to post two people from my friends list, with recommendations for why you should read their journals. That's people mind you- no feeds, syndications, or lj-bots. Check them out, and pick one to use in your post when you continue the meme, in addition to two other people from your own friendslist. The recommendation doesn't need to be more than just a sentence or two. Got it? Three Lj's in total- one from the person who got you started on this, and two from your own f-list.

So, here's my two recommendations:

[ profile] plaidbrat: I recommend her, not only because she's my wife, but because she's got a wickedly good sense of humor, posts about interesting stuff- our kid for one, and her rather kick-ass bicycle commute to work. In short, she rocks.

[ profile] the_tall_man: Meet Levi Kornelson, probably one of the most intuitive and intelligent people I know when it comes to tabletop RPGs. He's the genius behind The Cog Wars, and his posts of RPG theory, and ideas in gaming, and downright cool to read, if your inclinations go in those directions.

(And, since I'm starting this meme, and it's supposed to show three in total, I'll add a third here, just to give people and extra option to choose from.)

[ profile] thisnik: One downright cool individual, and one of the few people I knew from back in my Spokane days that I still have semi-regular contact with. [ profile] thisnik's also a brilliant photographer, and has a lot of good examples up on LJ as well as DeviantArt.

(Lemme know if I need to distill the instructions down a bit better, though I'm sure all of you who participate will probably do some form of that anyways.)
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Two other things.

One: I want this watch. It's blocky, it looks like it came out of the Buck Rogers TV series, and it probably weighs a ton. MUST. HAVE.

Two: I now have in my possession a beta copy of The Cog Wars. Anyone wanna try for a pick-up game next weekish?


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