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Ok, I'm back. Been back for a few hours now, including unloading and taking the kid to the park for a couple of hours?

How was it? Well, let's see- only a few hours of sleep from sleeping in unfamiliar quarters, eyeball twitching from exhaustion, hungover, sore....

....and I'm still fucking glowing. The Ball kicked ass, And well, it was downright great and justifying to see that the new designs and all the damn work of the last few months went over so well. Booyah.

And the kidlet now wants me to chase her. OFF I GO!
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I'm in a bit of a situation here. The injury to my foot, if anything, has gotten worse in the 12 days since it initially happened (Wow. It's been that long? Fuck.) Today is no exception- the swelling has increased to the point where I've had to loosen my shoe up. Again. If that continues, I'll be running out of laces soon. The pain has also been staying on about the same level, if not increasing. And due to either my system getting used to the Vicodin, or other factors, the drugs are not helping much with the pain any longer.

We all know what the advice here should be. Same advice I'd give to anyone else in this kind of situation: "Go see your doctor."

Problem is, I'm not sure I can. Thanks to work's wonderful policy, I can't call in right now without losing my job. And between getting an appointment set up, and probably having to go do X-rays at another location the same day, I'd probably need to take the entire day away from work. Fuck. Fucking Fucking Fuck.
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State of the Winnegan:

Doctor's aren't sure exactly what's up with my arm- it could just be a strain on some tendons, it could be nerve damage, or best of all it could be a hairline fracture. Only time will tell at this point. In the meantime, I have my arm in a compression wrap to keep any swelling down (not that there's been any, but at least it helps keep me from moving the arm in ways that are painful), and a bottle of perscription strength naproxen, which it turns out, I can't take. Whether it's an effect from combining with my usual perscription cocktail or an effect of my wonderfully fucked up metabolism, big doses of naproxen evidently induce firehose-pressure regurgitation.

So how am I? I'm hurting, but I'm recovering. And just plain feeling exhausted from the pain, since it's overriding the normal painkillers. Thankfully, [ profile] plaidbrat and Brenna have both been pretty forgiving over my grumpiness from the last few days.

Agenda for this weekend: writing. I've got three pieces currently stuck in my head that I need to get onto the page. I just need to get away from all the damn distractions to get to them.
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Short version: Now at home. Forced skid across metal road plating. left shoulder, elbow, knee, hip are hurting but no serious damage according to the ER docs. Typing one-handed sucks balls.
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Depression, exhaustion, and deadlines aren't enough it appears. Instead, I must now also deal with excruciating pain.

Was taking some recycling down to the dumpster when my foot slipped off the steps (Capezio? That no-slippage statement about your dancesneakers line? You may want to revise it.) and hit the step below rather badly. It's never a good thing when you suddenly realize "hey, the inside of my foot is nearly touching the inside of my leg!"

Hence, I am now the gimp. Brenna at least seems to realize something's not all well with me at least, and she hasn't been pulling me around the room like normal. But otherwise, mobility limited for me for the weekend.
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Did something to my ring finger over the course of yesterday. Dunno what, but this morning I work up to it being completely numb and lifeless until I took off my wedding ring.

For those who don't know what our rings are like, they're titanium, with a pattern of cutouts running through the center of each band. And in my case, those cutouts left impressions that are still showing on my finger, half an hour after I took the ring off. Ow. Something's making that finger swell up. I am not happy about this.


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