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Oh, and one other thing from the Vamp Ball. i unfortunately lost a ring at some point during the weekend. The one on my pinky in the shot behind the cut has disappeared. The detail in the pic isn't great, but its silver, with a cut pattern of spirals decorating it. If anyone should find it, please, let me know.

Reference pic back here. )
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Also, I had the fun of having my good friend [ profile] blakthorne along with me for the Ball. Which means there's photos from this weekend. Some damn good ones, in fact. Go here to check them out.
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Ok, I'm back. Been back for a few hours now, including unloading and taking the kid to the park for a couple of hours?

How was it? Well, let's see- only a few hours of sleep from sleeping in unfamiliar quarters, eyeball twitching from exhaustion, hungover, sore....

....and I'm still fucking glowing. The Ball kicked ass, And well, it was downright great and justifying to see that the new designs and all the damn work of the last few months went over so well. Booyah.

And the kidlet now wants me to chase her. OFF I GO!
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Well, for those wondering what this weekend holds, you need to get headed out the door. To Portland. Why?

(Pic links to the event site)

I'll be there vending, along with other Seattle notable vendors, artists, DJs etc. Last year's was a riot, and this year is likely to be even better, so come down and check it out!


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