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Ok, since I seem to be spreading myself forth like some sort of virus these days, I figured it might be a good idea to just plain gather up a fresh list of the places I can currently be found at in varying forms.

Dreamwidth: This is my primary blog account these days- all the bloggish posts originate here, and feeds from nearly everything else go into here one way or another. Gets a few posts that don't end up on any feeds elsewhere, but not many of those.

Livejournal: Secondary blog- gets the content from the dreamwidth account, but nothing goes on here that isn't going up somewhere else in some other form.

And yes, I still obsessively read the friends/reading pages for both of those sites. Feeding head with content=good.

DeviantArt Ok, if you're reading any of my stuff, and don't know I'm on DA, then you really must have missed something. But yes, all the artwork goes on here- all of it. Including stuff that never goes to Tormented Artifacts or anything.

Twitter I lurves me my twitter.

Tumblr I'm still figuring out just what I'm doing here- Right now, it's getting some semi-regular postings of artwork, and the occasional reblogging and/or collecting of stuff I want to use for picture posts or other things.

Facebook. Yes, my personal facebook. I have this for only a couple of reasons- For one- to keep up on those friends who refuse to actually go be on a grown-up website, instead of a hacked cobbled ugly piece of shit with legal issues. And two: to be a complete and utter ass. Content consists of nothing but twitter/tumblr feeds and the occasional real post when I need to get people's attention for an event or new art/products. If you're more just interested in seeing artwork updates and such on Facebook, I strongly recommend adding the Tormented Artifacts page on Facebook instead of mine.

Tormented Artifacts- Do I really need to mention this? Yes, this is my site, where you can buy a bunch of the stuff I'm making. You should go look through it and get things.

Redbubble The one spot I've got for the grabbing of delicious clothing featuring some of my artwork. Having now seen some of the finished and printed results, I have to say, they're doing awesome work with my stuff.

Zazzle- This currently hosts nothing but the League of Extraordinary Bastards merch, and it won't be doing that for much longer- I'll be taking it down soon, and moving some of that stuff over to Redbubble. So, if you want anything from here, better grab it now.

...I think that covers just about everything.


In other news, some of you may remember years ago when I was trying to do the music thing. Well, I stumbled across the old tracks on the hard drive earlier this week, and after listening to them again, I'm glad I abandoned this. If anyone wants some semi-interesting, mostly generic techno tracks, let me know, and I'll pop these up for folks to download, but otherwise, they can go hide in a vault for the rest of their existence.
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Hates it when projects end.

I've now gone and managed to get copies of all the 70171 tracks downloaded from Mperia. At least I still have those. And I will find later hosting for them in the future. Just not right now on top of everything else.

Sigh. '07 was supposed to be a better year for me. At least I'd hoped that'd be the case.
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Oh, fuck.

So, looks like the final end of one project at least- Mperia will be permanently closing its doors on the 26th. Which means if you've ever thought about picking up a 70171 track, you've got four days left to do it.

At least I've got the now restored archives and such, so that later on I can find another location to host stuff. Though it may be a while until something like Mperia comes along again.

text of the email that Mperia/Bitpass sent out about the closure. Just for the curious. )
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So, we got a storage unit over the weekend. Which means a lot of reorganizing was done, including sorting and other stuff. Thanks to which, I found some of my other backup discs of music files. It's a conservative estimate, but it looks like I've managed to get back the files to at least 2/3rds of the older 70171 tracks, as well as some of the unfinished tracks that were killed in an earlier computer crash. Woohoo!

Update: All tracks but three are now officially recovered. The disk was corrupted on one section, so the final three probably will never make it back in full, but I've got the rest now!
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Went through and re-organized and finished out my Mperia page by a good bit. Here's the basic list of updates:

New Track:
Music for Piano and Synth. The title pretty much says it all. 135 BPM. It's pretty much an ambient piece, but well, go check it out for yourselves.

New Albums:

Cycle One- the first and probably the last album I'll be producing. This will also probably be the only way you'll ever get your hands on some of these tracks, as many of the master files for these (along with the original album art) have been lost or corrupted over a couple of computer crashes and switches. So, enjoy!

Odd Man Out- This collection features the oddballs- stuff that isn't an "official" 70171 track. In short, it's a good way to pick up any of the loose tracks missing from your collection if you're out to get everything in an album-only format.
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Ok, time to list everything currently in the works, so bear with me for a post:

Tormented Artifacts- still waiting on word from Norwescon. Beyond that, no immediate plans for festivals or anything thanks to the nightjob. In the meantime, I;m figuring out some new base designs for the coming year- we'll see how those turn out.

70171- Two new tracks are currently in the works. Plans for doing a CD production are currently delayed until I can actually afford to do so. In the meantime, I'll keep hosting tracks at Mperia. And if anyone else knows of good sites that I should be hosting tracks at, drop me a line.

Lux Aeterna Productions
Ok, this one I have to do by project.

Enemy Unknown (Formerly Guerrilla Earth)- still revising, editing, and adding more content. Which is being a slow-ass process at this point.

Drunkards & Wagons- [ profile] jgreywolf has it, it's his ball right now. In other words, it's in final layout, and will get released when it gets released.

PvP: The Beatdown- Art is now in the bag, it just needs one more pass through some willing editors (any volunteers?) and it's off to layout.

Visions- This is starting to grow in my head again, as some posts on the Visions filter can attest lately- the system is starting to shape up, and the collection of hallucinatory nasties is starting to grow.

That covers all the main stuff, with links even. wow.

New Track!

Nov. 17th, 2005 07:45 am
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Yep, one new track available for download over at Mperia. It's a mix of ambient and glitch, appropriately titled Breakdown Walk. Go check it out!


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