Feb. 12th, 2011 09:28 am
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You know you want to come hit this, people. Admission's cheap at 15 bucks for the entire festival, which definitely lets you see a good bit more that for what you'd pay at a mundane movie theater for $15 worth of admission. Speaking of what you'll see, here, have some clips.

Damn. there'd be more clips here, but most of these are on vimeo, which doesn't embed on LJ/Dreamwidth. Anyways, go hit the site and check stuff out!
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Now, as you may be aware, Phil Foglio and Kaja Foglio, creators of the famed Girl Genius comic, are about to release their first full-length Girl Genius novel, for which they're running a bunch of promo stuff places, doing their best to get readers to order a copy on the 12th (as a bit of a birthday present for Kaja), and all sorts of other bits. What you may not know, is that next week there's a great chance to hear them reading some of the book live.

Next Thursday, the 13th, they'll be presenting a live reading at the Night Kitchen (and also enjoying some of the tasty foodstuffs available as well) with some of the material from the new book. They'll be coming in around 8pm to eat, then read, so if you want to show up and grab a table in time to enjoy the event, that'd be about the time to do it! They will also be doing a full signing and everything, so it's definitely a good opportunity to hit, if you're a fan.

 Hope to see a bunch of you there.
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Yes, I've been a badmonkey for not posting the last couple of days- that's because I'm busy finalizing a bunch of new stuff for tomorrow.

Yes. Tomorrow.

I'll be there selling all day long, so make sure to come check out some of the new stuff!
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Ugh. Burning the candle at all three ends this week, which sucks, but, well, here's why:

That's right locals- this coming Sunday is the next Mourning Market installment- is it worth attending? OH YES. Especially for that last little bit of halloween shopping. Or for that bit of pre-giftmas shopping. Or to grab a sneak peek at some of the crazed stuff I'm getting ready for Steam-con. Take you pick of reasons, but as always, it's definitely worth attending! 

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Tomorrow Night:

And yes, Tormented Artifacts will be there vending! Come check out the latest additions to the line, including items from the Arcanepunk Collection, jewelry from our newest artist, new mask designs, plasterworks, and more!


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