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So, tomorrow's Windrow-Ravenswood Day.

What the hell does that mean? Well, not all that much really- as far as dates go, there's about six different ones I could've arbitrarily picked for it- but the one I ended up going with, March 10th, made the most sense to me, simply because it was the day that the final card in the deck was uploaded.

Now, what does that mean for anyone else running it? Well, I figured I'd do a one-off bit of a celebration. That means there's going to be a few things happening. For one, there'll be a bit of an interesting contest over on the official Tormented Artifacts Twitter feed. There's also going to be a special kind of sale running on Tormented Artifacts itself- which'll be another way, aside from the contest, to get free schwag.

All of which is coming up starting tomorrow morning. So if you're on twitter, definitely start following the feed I linked above. Otherwise, you'll have to watch this space and wait for the announcements to hit here from elsewhere.
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Ooof. I am way too behind on keeping my journals updated with the new bits over at DeviantArt. So, here's a quick catch-up!

The Winged Crest by =Winneganfake on deviantART

Archangel Project: Raziel by =Winneganfake on deviantART

Alchemy Bracer: The Seal by =Winneganfake on deviantART


Feb. 12th, 2011 09:28 am
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You know you want to come hit this, people. Admission's cheap at 15 bucks for the entire festival, which definitely lets you see a good bit more that for what you'd pay at a mundane movie theater for $15 worth of admission. Speaking of what you'll see, here, have some clips.

Damn. there'd be more clips here, but most of these are on vimeo, which doesn't embed on LJ/Dreamwidth. Anyways, go hit the site and check stuff out!
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Just click the image to go see it on Tormented Artifacts, and read through the fun description and such. Or you can visit it over here on DeviantArt.
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Ok, time for the second wave of new pieces- here's what didn't get posted up last night:

Utility Belt 2 by =Winneganfake on deviantART

Message in a Deadly Bottle by =Winneganfake on deviantART
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Ok, since I seem to be spreading myself forth like some sort of virus these days, I figured it might be a good idea to just plain gather up a fresh list of the places I can currently be found at in varying forms.

Dreamwidth: This is my primary blog account these days- all the bloggish posts originate here, and feeds from nearly everything else go into here one way or another. Gets a few posts that don't end up on any feeds elsewhere, but not many of those.

Livejournal: Secondary blog- gets the content from the dreamwidth account, but nothing goes on here that isn't going up somewhere else in some other form.

And yes, I still obsessively read the friends/reading pages for both of those sites. Feeding head with content=good.

DeviantArt Ok, if you're reading any of my stuff, and don't know I'm on DA, then you really must have missed something. But yes, all the artwork goes on here- all of it. Including stuff that never goes to Tormented Artifacts or anything.

Twitter I lurves me my twitter.

Tumblr I'm still figuring out just what I'm doing here- Right now, it's getting some semi-regular postings of artwork, and the occasional reblogging and/or collecting of stuff I want to use for picture posts or other things.

Facebook. Yes, my personal facebook. I have this for only a couple of reasons- For one- to keep up on those friends who refuse to actually go be on a grown-up website, instead of a hacked cobbled ugly piece of shit with legal issues. And two: to be a complete and utter ass. Content consists of nothing but twitter/tumblr feeds and the occasional real post when I need to get people's attention for an event or new art/products. If you're more just interested in seeing artwork updates and such on Facebook, I strongly recommend adding the Tormented Artifacts page on Facebook instead of mine.

Tormented Artifacts- Do I really need to mention this? Yes, this is my site, where you can buy a bunch of the stuff I'm making. You should go look through it and get things.

Redbubble The one spot I've got for the grabbing of delicious clothing featuring some of my artwork. Having now seen some of the finished and printed results, I have to say, they're doing awesome work with my stuff.

Zazzle- This currently hosts nothing but the League of Extraordinary Bastards merch, and it won't be doing that for much longer- I'll be taking it down soon, and moving some of that stuff over to Redbubble. So, if you want anything from here, better grab it now.

...I think that covers just about everything.


In other news, some of you may remember years ago when I was trying to do the music thing. Well, I stumbled across the old tracks on the hard drive earlier this week, and after listening to them again, I'm glad I abandoned this. If anyone wants some semi-interesting, mostly generic techno tracks, let me know, and I'll pop these up for folks to download, but otherwise, they can go hide in a vault for the rest of their existence.
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Yes, I've been a badmonkey for not posting the last couple of days- that's because I'm busy finalizing a bunch of new stuff for tomorrow.

Yes. Tomorrow.

I'll be there selling all day long, so make sure to come check out some of the new stuff!
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Ugh. Burning the candle at all three ends this week, which sucks, but, well, here's why:

That's right locals- this coming Sunday is the next Mourning Market installment- is it worth attending? OH YES. Especially for that last little bit of halloween shopping. Or for that bit of pre-giftmas shopping. Or to grab a sneak peek at some of the crazed stuff I'm getting ready for Steam-con. Take you pick of reasons, but as always, it's definitely worth attending! 

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Ok, folks, time for the big friday sale announcement!

To start with,
the Big Halloween Thing is still going on, of course- for those not familiar and not feeling like link chasing, that's the part where I've announce that all the free shipping on mask orders I normally do will be coming to an end after this Halloween. Which means, if you want a mask, grab it now, before the shipping charges happens! Click the poster ad to go hit and start grabbing:

Secondly, I've decided to go ahead and knock 10% off on the still-newish Mechanism design over on Redbubble for this weekend only-

Thirdly, I'm doing the exact same deal over on DeviantArt with these two prints:
Again, just click either one to go to the ordering page. Plus, since DeviantArt's, currently running a discount on framing, it's an even better time to grab something framed, should you want to get all fancy and such!
And finally, if you haven't caught it on twitter or facebook, if you've been wanting to try on some masks, or grab a copy of the WIndrow-Ravenswood deck in person, and don't want to wait until Mourning Market on the 17th, You can! Monster Art and Clothing in Ballard is now carrying both some masks and the deck, just in time for Halloween! If you're in the area this weekend, make sure to go check them out! 
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Ok, it's no laptop skin.

But that said, it does make a damned pretty t-shit:

Available as of now in a lot more styles than just women's , and in the full range of colors.

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Ok, folks, it's that time of year again- if people want to copy and re-post this elsewhere, I'd also be more than grateful. And read below the poster, as there's some important bits in there.

As the lot of you know, I'm mostly a maskmaker, whether it's in leather, plaster, or even gasmask art pieces. That said, if you've ever ordered anything from, you've noticed that on most items in the US, there's no shipping charge. As much as I'd like to keep things that way, it's not going to be able to happen, which means when the site gets rebuilt this winter, shipping charges will be put in for everything.

So for right now, no matter what country you're in, you get to take one last crack at stuff free of any shipping charges between now and November 1st*. That deal also includes items from the Arcanepunk collection, and any commissions based on designs currently up on the site. Need something truly original for Halloween this year? Come check things out.

*Except where shipping charges are already currently being charged (sorry, Windrow-Ravenswood and gasmask fans)
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Well, my bnirthday happens in seven days, and given that, I figured I should be giving everyone a reason to celebrate.

So, for the next seven days or so, until just after my birthday, I'm running a horder of sales.

First off, over on Redbubble, all of my t-shirt designs have now had 10% knocked off the price!

I've also done the same thing for four of my own personal favorite prints on DeviantArt:

(Just click any of those images to go to their respective ordering pages.

And finally, there's the Really BIG sale bit-I'm taking five bucks off the Windrow-Ravenswood Deck. That's right- for those who haven't grabbed the nigh-infamous deck yet, or just want an extra copy, you can grab one for the next few days for only fifteen bucks. Just hit the link above or the animation below to go grab a copy.

Other than that, well, enjoy the next week! I know I will be.
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Oh, and one more new one:

Arcanepunk: Crusader's Belt by =Winneganfake on deviantART

More importantly, forget the DeviantArt link- this has a permanent link up on Tormented Artifacts already, because I'm taking direct orders on these guys. Go here right now for pricing and ordering, if you're interested.

Promo Time!

Jul. 7th, 2010 04:58 pm
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Ok, folks, here's where I'll be this weekend (click the pic for even more info):

I've got at least two new pieces that'll be making their debut at this, so you may definitely want to come check them out in person.
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Just so we're clear about what's on the horizon here- these are the next couple of events I'll be vending at:

Both are clickable to go through what passes for a site for those events.
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Ok, folks, here's where I'll be vending next in just less than a week:

No, there won't be any card decks with me, as they're still being printed, but I will have a good-sized load of new masks and such.
So, roll call time- who's all going?
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Hot damn- so far, I'm now up to damn near fifty of the decks pre-ordered, which is more than a little scary- this is working far, far better than I'd ever been expecting, which means that I'm getting close to running into problems.

See, the original plan had been under the expectations of getting around twenty orders. Enough to afford a decent quality art printer and sheets of pre-punched cardstock, and while it'd be an obnoxious bitch to print 1,080 cards, front and back, I could still fulfill all the orders from home. However, the sample I purchased of the cardstock is definitely lacking (rips under very little pressure among other issues), not to mention the fact that while 1,080 cards would be a pain, 2,700 cards or more would be damn near impossible to do from home. Which means looking for a real card printer to do these, both for quality and quantity.

This is scary. In terms of numbers, most of these places require a minimum order or 400 decks or more. Which means talking to sales reps and getting quotes and such. It also means I'll likely have to at least double the current number of preorders in order to pay for stuff, so I'm not paying it out of pocket and going into debt just to fulfill current orders and create a giant stockpile of printed decks. It's also scary just because I never expected this thing to be this wildly successful. As it is though, this is the part where I'm going to have to start asking for help.

No, I'm not going to beg people who're interested in the deck to start pre-ordering. If you want it, you'll order it when you can. I know you guys are good for that kind of thing. Instead, I'm asking something else.

Here's one of the promotional posts about the deck. If this is going to work, I need to spread the word a lot further about this thing, and I need your help- either by you guys grabbing this stuff and reposting it to other places (yes, feel free to steal my bandwidth for image hosting or whatever) or by recommending places where I can post this stuff up. Here's where it's being covered at already:

[ profile] steamfashion
[ profile] steamy_stitches

And of course, here and DeviantArt as well- but like I said, if you know of anywhere else that this stuff should get posted up at, I'd love to hear it. Or if you want to go post it up somewhere for me (which would also be a help, so I'm not just joining up at places to spam them about the deck) go for it, please- just let me know where so I can update my list and figure out where else I need to get it up at. Once I get numbers in from some printing companies, if I can afford it, I'm also going to start running some contests to hopefully build a bit more interest, but that part's going to have to wait until then. And any other ideas to build up interest are also more than welcome.
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Ok, folks, it's official- I've got a big fat new Tormented Artifacts site update finished up and uploaded.

Ok, not all that big and fat- theree new products, and that's it. Though the specific products kick much ass, like this:

And the preorder page for the Windrow-Ravenswood deck is now up and running:
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All right- thanks everyone for the input last night. That said, here's the final version of the Halloween advertisement:

I'll be spreading it around as much as I can, but if you know of another spot that this'd be good to go up at, by all means, go for it- and feel free to steal my bandwidth to do it with.


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