History: Your responsibility.

Aug. 22nd, 2017 03:32 pm
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Stop tearing down the Confederate statues. We need to remember the Civil war.
Remove them, melt them, and reform them.
We need Harriet Tubman.
We need Sojourner Truth.
We need Robert Smalls.
We need the 36th United States Colored Infantry.
We need to not destroy the past but point it out and underline it for the next generation. We need to show who won, who fought and why.
Some of you are as eager aa the other side to destroy and leave it at that. We need to show we think more than them. YOU need to show you think further ahead than them.

Example in case some of you are frothing at the mouth from my first sentences - because some of you can get rabid beyond reason over this - if they remove that statue of Andrew Jackson from Jackson Square in New Orleans, replace it with a few of the 36th standing in their uniforms with their guns at their side.
Replace the holes in history with more history.

[Fic] Candles Lit at the Doors

Aug. 21st, 2017 07:26 pm
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Cross-post from my archive.

Fandom/Arc: Nirvana in Fire, In Every Time and Season
Characters/Pairings: Jingrui/Yujin, Lin Shu | Mei Changsu, Meng Zhi, Xiao Jingrui, Yan Yujin
Summary: Jingrui is finding himself drawn back toward a military position, after fighting at the northern border, and Yujin follows along, as he always has, despite his own reservations. Along the way, the two of them get into trouble, politics, and eventually a deeper understanding.
Meta: Drama with Politics and Romance, and also a Sprinkle of Porn, I-4
Wordcount: 18777

Very few of Yujin's reservations had ever held up in face of Jingrui's smile. Not when they were little and stealing sweets off Aunt Jing's table (with her amused connivance, Yujin had realized years later); not when they were a little older and Jingrui had dragged Yujin everywhere after their glamorous, if also sometimes alarming, older cousins; not when they'd come of age and Jingrui hauled Yujin out onto the roads to wander the country with that very same smile. He could barely imagine leaving Jingrui's side, at this point. So there was really nothing else to do but elbow him back until they managed to shove each other into the shallows, laughing.

Candles Lit at the Doors )

(no subject)

Aug. 21st, 2017 11:46 am
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My favorite photo I took from my back yard during the eclipse.

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This is a fun one. I was playing with my Explorer pHAT and noticed that every time I Ctrl-C'd out of a script I'd get a message;

Broadcast message from root@raspberrypi (somewhere):

BCM 4 held low, system shutdown in 5 minutes

Broadcast message from root@raspberrypi:

The system is going down for power-off!

And yes, the pi would turn off. Every single time.

I don't know why the Explorer pHAT seems to pull BCM 4 low upon exit, when none of my other pHATs do. But I do know why that was triggering a shutdown.

I had also installed (though not in use) the Zero LiPo SHIM and the OnOff SHIM. They both install the clean-shutdown library that does just what it says, shuts down your pi when BCM 4 is held low.

It installs the cleanshutd service, but it didn't respond to my attempts to stop it, so I had to disable it.

In /boot/config.txt add;
Save, exit, reboot. Then you can play around with your Explorer pHAT in peace.

[Art] Hospital Firebird.

Aug. 18th, 2017 04:20 pm
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I started this on Monday, with a Kilometrico ballpoint pen.
I was waiting to see the Radiation Oncologist.
I kept working on it on Tuesday,
in a waiting room,
while waiting to see the ENT Surgeon.
And then I finished it on Wednesday,
in another hospital waiting room,
while waiting to see the base of skull Neurosurgeon.

All ballpoint pen.

On the other hand

Aug. 17th, 2017 06:32 pm
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I need to try to remember that I have a few chronic health issues, which means that even if the changes in diet and the injections have greatly reduced my daily pain levels, I still don't have have the reserves of energy that I wish I did.

Hi, I've been Doing A Lot Of Things since last week. And will be Doing A Lot Of Things for at least a few days going forward.

You all can stop giving me that terribly patient look. I know what you're thinking.

Not slowly going mad, and YARD SALE!

Aug. 17th, 2017 03:44 pm
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Apparently the key to me not slowly losing my mind from multiple nights of unsettled sleep while The Husband is away is to have people come stay with me. Kambriel and C. are here! And C. is being very understanding about his sleeping in the living room while I steal Kambriel to snooze in the bedroom with me. I've slept soundly for the past few nights, and it has been AWESOME. Also, y'know, they're some of my favorite people, so just having them around (even while I'm laboring in the tech content mines during the day) is a delight.

Because they're out here, we organized a super-last-minute yard sale! Because I have, um, a LOT of clothes to sell (yes, even after last year's epic yard sale), Thea has things to sell, and Kambriel brought goodies to sell! (I swear I will not buy up all of her bat pillows.)

Anyhoodle, in case any Seattle-area peeps are interesting in checking out the sale:

Saturday, August 19th
11:30am - 6pm.
122 N 105th St WA 98133

Weird, yet awesome. But also tiring.

Aug. 15th, 2017 12:49 pm
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The whirlwind trip down to PDX for filming was a lot of fun. The cast are adorable, the entire crew are wonderful and professional, and I had a lot of fun in my cameo-with-dialogue as a slightly concerned and disapproving Elder Goth. I wore an enormous hat, my sequinned skirt, and by lightweight black & gray striped bustle jacket made by my darling Kambriel.

(Me and the Executive Producer.)

The flight home was fraught, because the flight that was booked was cancelled, and I was bumped to an earlier flight. So filming went right up until I needed to run to the airport, there was a line at security, and I ran to my gate only to get there 5 minutes after the plane had taxied away.

But! Victorian goth girls bursting into tears motivates gate staff to find a solution. It turned out that there was an earlier plane to Seattle that had been delayed over an hour, and they were able to get me a seat on that.

The past couple days have been a whirlwind of friends doing some home repairs for me, getting a new washer and dryer installed, and a bunch of housework in preparation for having wonderful house guests. I'm kinda tired. But it's all worth it!

In other "my life is weird and awesome" news: A local radio station (and not one of the alternative or rock stations) has contacted me about doing an interview, because they have a running series of profiles on "interesting Seattle people". All righty, then!
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Nox ran into the bedroom this morning as we were getting ready to leave. I picked him up and cuddled him, feeling his warm solid body purr against my cheek as I murmured "Now now, Prince Butt Nugget" and I moved him to the living room.
Then I looked down and noticed "Butt Nugget" was right as there were white streaks of cat urine soaked litter on my 2nd favorite black shirt. He crouches very low in the box and picks up litter on his butt - hence "Prince Butt Nugget". Apparently he just went before bolting into my room.
I grumbled as I hastily changed shirts and noticed a damned spot on my bra.
So I took a q-tip, dipped it in eucalyptus oil and touched it to the spot. That was 3 hours go and I still smell it.
At least my breathing is ok.

Speaking of breathing, I though my inhaler read 049 but instead - while I was cleaning a friend's house and had just emptied the vacuum cleaner - it read 000.
I called the pharmacy because while I was an hour away from home, Kevin would be passing by it shortly and he could pick it up for me.
Except I was out of refills.
I also forgot to take my daily asthma med that morning - and I forgot to tell the pharmacist to refill that, too, since I had about one week left on it.
Unless I read that number wrong, too.
On a related note, my glasses have been ready for pick up since Thursday. I'll be picking them up ... Thursday.

It's raining again, that's nice. It won't dip the thermometer though and we're going to hit a heat index of 102 within the next 48 hours. That sucks.

Left my headphones at home. I have the phone headphones and they do the trick, too, but they also squeeze my ears.

Controlling Ikea Trådfri lights

Aug. 17th, 2017 08:45 pm
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The Ikea Trådfri lights look very interesting. While not cheap, they are much more affordable than other wireless 'smart' lighting. They don't do RGB colours (yet), but you can control the colour temperature; ordinary neutral soft yellow, a warm orange, or a bright white. You can also dim the lights, and of course, turn them on and off. They don't do too much, but what they do they do well, and there don't appear to be any major security holes. But most interestingly, they use ZigBee, and seem to be built on top of a lot of open source stuff. Which means, there are already tools to play with them.

First thing you're going to need to do is get some Trådfri lights. They do have a starter kit, but I wanted the smaller E14 bulbs so I built my own (for not much extra). You'll need the Gateway hub, a control device (remote control definitely works, I don't know about using the dimming set, or motion sensor instead), at least one bulb, and have a lamp/socket to put it in.

Supplies; gateway, remote control, two E14 bulbs, and two lamp shades
Photo by chebegeek

The Gateway has a companion app to set everything up. You pair the app (your phone) to the Gateway, then you pair the Remote Control to the Gateway. Then you add the bulbs (pairing through the Remote Control) one by one. The app lets you arrange the bulbs into separate groups, or lump them all into one if you prefer. Once all that is done, it's time to build your own control interface.

Mostly I followed this excellent tutorial from the lovely Pimoroni crew.

sudo apt-get install build-essential autoconf automake libtool
(Or on Fedora;
sudo dnf install build autoconf automake libtool)

git clone --recursive https://github.com/obgm/libcoap.git
cd libcoap
git checkout dtls
git submodule update --init --recursive
./configure --disable-documentation --disable-shared
sudo make install

You're going to need the Gateway IP address. You can log into the router, or scan the network. The Pimoroni tutorial found their's at I found mine at, so it probably jumps in steps of 10 until it finds an empty slot.
There is a Security Code on the base of your Gateway, you'll need to make a note of it.

The endpoint protocol is coaps:// and the port is :5684, followed by 15001 to control bulbs individually, or 15004 to control as a group.

A good way to start is by sending info requests to both endpoints;
coap-client -m get -u "Client_identity" -k "your_security_code" "coaps://"
You'll get back an array of devices;
It's a bit predictable. The first number is your remote control, the next two are bulbs, in the order you paired them.

coap-client -m get -u "Client_identity" -k "your_security_code" "coaps://"
Also gives you back an array, but with the group ids, which seem much less predictable. (You can also find the group ids in the app.)

You can append the ids to the requests to get more information about each. Helpfully, there is an English description (i.e. "TRADFRI remote control", "TRADFRI bulb...", etc) returned in each.

The bulbs have a field "3311" with detailed state information. You can set parts of this to control the lights with -m put commands, e.g.;
coap-client -m put -u "Client_identity" -k "your_security_code" -e '{ "3311": [{ "5850": 0 }] }' "coaps://"
"5850" controls on/off and takes 0 or 1.
"5851" controls brightness, and takes values between 0 and 255.
"5709" and "5710" seem to work together to control the colour temperature. Valid values can be found by using the Remote Control, and then querying the state. The three main ones seem to be;
-e '{ "3311": [{ "5709":24933, "5710":24691 }] }' for bright white,
-e '{ "3311": [{ "5709":33137, "5710":27211 }] }' for warm orange,
-e '{ "3311": [{ "5709":30138, "5710":26909 }] }' for neutral yellow.

But this is all from the terminal. There is a nice python wrapper (with come convenience calls) if you want to start calling it from python, which is helpful if you want to start using python libraries for interfacing with hardware on your Raspberry Pi Zero W. But you'll find all of that in the tutorial.

There's also so much beautiful info in the thread that started all this. Have fun!

Ikea Trådfri lights controlled from Raspberry Pi Zero W
Photo by chebegeek

Print+ DIY Headphones

Aug. 14th, 2017 01:41 pm
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On 13 October 2015 I backed a crowd-funding campaign for DIY headphones. The plan being, they send you the electronic bits, and the fabric bits, and you 3D print the form (from designs they would provide). Seemed pretty sweet to me. And to many other people, because the next day it was successfully funded.

Around 9 May 2017 the electronics and squishy bits arrived. They were still tweaking the 3D design files, but it didn't matter much as I'd lost my access to 3D printers. They said they would be partnering up with 3D Hubs to help out people in my situation, so I scoped out some prices. They went from hundreds of euro, to thousands. I didn't order any. Shortly thereafter Print+ opened their own store selling printed parts for only €35. Much better! I ordered as soon as I could on 30 May. There was more of a delay, as I think they actually started doing the printing themselves. They sent me an apology, a discount code, and I got a shipment notice 26 July. They finally arrived last week, 10 August.

13 October 2015 to 10 August 2017. But, I now have some nifty headphones.

Assembly details )

The fit is tight to the head, which I actually appreciate as there is less loss of sound. They're incredibly light-weight, and definitely possess an unique look. They also sound damned good, especially for the price tag.

Print+ Headphones (design #1) in PolyMatte Grey and purple
Photo by chebegeek

(no subject)

Aug. 11th, 2017 12:49 pm
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Hello anxiety spike, how are you? :: twitches ::

Friday: Build Your Own Demotivator

Aug. 11th, 2017 10:06 am
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Take time with your children to show them what's important in life.
Like toppling regimes or arts and crafts!

Some whining, some adulting

Aug. 10th, 2017 05:01 pm
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- One of the (many) problems with the hot, dry weather and the air full of smoke from the B.C. wildfires is that it makes my sinuses Very Unhappy and gives me awful sinus headaches. Which, of course, leads me to panicking about what if this is a sign that the injections are wearing off and heralds the return of the tension headaches?! Which it isn't, because not only are my eyes watering, but my neck isn't stiff and my jaw doesn't pop when I yawn. So, just sinus headaches. Just.

- The weather + smoke also means that I have the choice of windows open and aggravating my already angry sinuses, or windows shut and broiling. But when I lamented about this on FB (and everyone said "SHUT THE WINDOWS"), one person suggested filling the bath tub with cold water and putting a box fan in the open bathroom door to help push cool(er) air into the house. It's helping. I also pinned a dark towel up over the kitchen window that is currently curtainless (and only had lace curtains before), and that has also helped reduce the heat.

- Pete is away for three weeks, for two different events. This means the traditional not great sleep while he's gone started last night. But some friends are coming to stay with me next week, which means my hindbrain going "AAAAAAAAAAAH WHAT WAS THAT NOISE?!" and waking me up in the middle of the night will be a bit less. Plus, people I adore! Visiting me!


- I hired the teenage son of a friend to come extensively weed the yard. He came over at 7am today (because he's a weird morning child), and was still working at 10 when I was up. I gave him iced coffee, food, and money, and will absolutely be hiring him again. I hired a teenager to do yardwork! That is totally a sign of being an adult!

... I could have sworn there was other adulting I did, but I can't remember what it was.

Quick, someone tell me I don't need to get this jacket from ChicStar. Because even I kinda-sorta realize that 1) I don't actually need more jackets, and 2) it's too damn warm to be thinking about buying jackets.

Tonight, more swiffering of the floor (because Miss Erzabet No Biting sheds enough for three cats, and Vlad isn't much better), and then bleaching my streaks. AND MAYBE FALLING ASLEEP BEFORE 2:30 IN THE MORNING DESPITE HAVING TAKEN SLEEP MEDS. That would be nice.

Wednesday : Basic Instructions

Aug. 9th, 2017 08:54 am
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Intentionally topical.

Can we just put the 2 Man babies in a pit with 3 folding chairs and let them fight it out on a Pay-Per-View? Proceeds go to War Orphans fund.

Honestly has anyone thought about just gas lighting these 2? Do you honestly think Trump and Kim actually pay attention much less perceive reality? When they order the strikes, we could get away with just creating fake news broadcasts announcing the "total destruction of the enemy" with some college kids creating wasteland footage. Then for their safety, they have to stay inside where they continue to get the news they expect, make demands no one really listens to and generally not bother us while we sort this shit out.

The problem is North Korea is effectively as brainwashed as the average Trump supporter. Note: I said average. There are people that had well thought out reasons for voting for him. They are probably still unhappy it went down like this but they stand by those reasons. As long as they didn't vote straight ticket, then I support their right to vote for the orange monkey. If they did vote straight ticket, then they're just button mashing monkeys and therefore: the average Trump supporter.

I'm coming off 2 days sick and I've got a lot to catch up on.
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(This was totally prompted by a comment I left on another friend's DW entry. :: waves in the direction of SF :: )

There's someone who I knew for approximately forever who is no longer in my life. The memories of all the times and things we shared make me wistful, but I realized the other day that I don't actually miss them. I guess I never stopped and thought about how often I tip-toed around them to make sure they wouldn't lose their temper, and how often I did the emotional labor. Which, no surprise, is a thing I am historically spectacular at not realizing, because my instinctual reaction is to take care of everyone else, because then I am Good and Helpful, and Not Being Selfish. Yeah, I know. The Brain Raccoons and I have done a lot of rounds on this, but I'm slowly getting better about it.


Shallow fashion burbling! I have been gifted something like 9 or 10 yards of burgundy, excellent quality rayon velvet. The good stuff, that was in production over 10 years ago. I know exactly what sort of coat I want made with it, I just have to wait until the weather is sufficiently cool enough that the Infamous BlueJay is willing to work with velvet. (I completely understand her objections to sewing velvet in summer.)

I did get around to doing my petticoat necromancy project so I have a long(ish) black petticoat with a black cotton base. There's just one problem: the petticoat I sacrificed for the necromancy project was one of Mom's old organza square dance petticoats, and. Um. My petticoat necromancy project turned out to be more lively floofy than I expected, even with only one layer of the organza. I am going to have to do some pruning so the thing will actually fit under my skirts. I suspect this is the sort of problem that only exists in my life.


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