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Good Morning Internets, today we have cloudy skies, cool air, a chance of reaching only 66 degrees out....

And enough crap floating about in the air that my eyes, nose, and lungs are attempting to seal themselves shut in protest. GAH! Whatever it is that's come out in the last two days for allergens needs to be subjected to large amounts of fire. Now.
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I cannot tell you how good it is to have a shaved head again. Mostly because I'd probably cough up a lung on you in the process.

Anyways, back from a few days without internet connection, and good grief- when I'm not online, I managed to still get pretty damn productive on the computer- check these out:

Old Gods, In fire by *Winneganfake on deviantART

Scrying Pool Revisited by *Winneganfake on deviantART

Plaster II- Mad Scientist by *Winneganfake on deviantART
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Yeah, so that congestion I mentioned in yesterday's post?

It's the damn cold again. Back and worse than ever. Jesus- I cored all of four days of health before getting smacked with the illness yet again.

Worse off, Brenna's got it too- complete with a fever inspired by her shots last night. At least today the fever's gone down some, but it seems to be still hanging on. And of course, coughing and other symptoms. Which sucks for her, though seeing the face she made at her first taste of cough medicine was pretty priceless. At least she likes OJ and chicken noodle.
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I think everything's starting to catch up to me physically- I certainly feel bad enough for it at any rate. Ugh. Exhaustion, plus my sinuses burn with the fire of unrelieved congestion.

so to recap the weekend for any who missed it:

The car got broken into- CD's got stolen, and we're looking at probably 2-3K in repairs thanks to the ineptitude of the would-be thieves. More on that later when I know more.

PvP: The Beatdown got released as well, to not much fanfare- I'll just keep posting about it until I see everyone else doing the same.

And this computer looks like it may be dying- our one good hard drive, which is currently in it, keeps having bad clusters pop up in different files, and a process named wuauclt.exe keeps causing any program that resizes the screen to uncontrollably lock up the entire system. Argh.

Brenna had her 18-month appointment today- 24 lbs and change, and just for 30 inches tall now. She's shooting up like a weed!

Ok, that's the major bases. If I can breathe again later and form more coherent sentences, I may even have a fully fledged rant to post up.

Oh, and [ profile] jgreywolf? Happy Birthday!
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"You know what body? On top of all the other stresses, exhaustions, frustrations, and everything else, I think I'd like to get sick. You know, a nice, deep chest cold. With sore throat. And since work doesn't give sick days, it can even turn nastier later on down the road, with our usual september soaking coming up. "

And my body? It listened. Thank you. Ever. So. Much.



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