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Well, while I normally don't run sales myself on Black Friday, being a firm believer in not spreading the insanity around or supporting the madness, the sites I selll some extra bits through on the other hand, are running some sales today, and they're rather good ones.

First off there's Redbubble, which does all my t-shirts. They're currently doing a 15% off sale between now and Monday on all their products except stickers- which means you can pick up cool shirts like these as a great holiday gift, or as something cool for yourself:


And then, there's DeviantArt, which is also running their sale- a whopping 20% off all their wall art products- which includes prints, calendars, and damn near anything you can hang on a wall, short of your local crucifixion victim. Which means all my prints are running dirt cheap right now. Like these:


Yes. All that, and more, done dirt cheap.So, if you're like me, and doing your damnedest to avoid the stores this morning, not to mention wanting to get something truly original for folks, go have a blast! Or there's always the one stocking stuffer guaranteed to keep folks oohing, aaahing, and wondering just what the fuck is wrong with you: the Windrow-Ravenswood Deck. Still cheap as hell and free to ship anywhere in the US. 

And yes folks, I realize there's probably going to be a ton of similar sales run between now and giftmas- I'll try to keep the advertising posts down to once a week though, unless some major short-term one suddenly pops up. In the meantime though, I suggest you guys jump on stuff while you can, and while you're still guaranteed to have it arrive in time for the holidays. 


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Ok, two quick bits of Redbubble/shirt related news. Well, actually one's not so quick, but well, let me get on with it.

First off, Redbubble's announced their version of their holiday sale- specifically, order anything in white, and they'll automatically knock 20% off the price. Keep in mind, that most of what I've got is available in white, you'll just need to custom-select the color when ordering it from their handy menu.

And secondly, I've done the final batch of re-hashing old artwork into new t-shirts. Now that these three/four designs are up, there won't be any more remixing of old stuff- just new designs entirely, when I have them.

So, check these ones out (as always, click the pic to go hit the ordering page):

And same design, but two different versions- one for light shirts:

And one for darker-colored shirts:
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OK, folks, redbubble doesn't do this very often, but for once, they've decided to hold a sale. Which is awesome, since it's not me shafting myself in order for a sale to happen- instead, redbubble's actually giving out a 15% discount on any order right now. That means fifteen percent off of everything of mine that I'm selling through them.

And all you have to do is give them this little promo code right here: Winneganfake_is_on_sale_8780

That means, stuff like these can be yours, on the cheap.


Or, you can just follow this link right here and browse the full selection.
The sale's only good until November 14th, so make sure to jump on this one quickly, if you're going to.

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(Click the image to go hit the DeviantArt page. I'm sick of the issues happening with DA embeds on crossposts)

Wait, what's that? A League of Extraordinary Bastards remake? But, but, that would mean that there's a new wave of LXB merch like shirts and stickers, right?

Shirt. See also the ability to change colors or styles to almost anything you'd like it on:

Sticker. Peel, stick, and repeat. And enjoy to the full satisfaction as those puny heroes discover that you've placed stickers all over their stuff AGAIN.
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Ok, folks, time for the big friday sale announcement!

To start with,
the Big Halloween Thing is still going on, of course- for those not familiar and not feeling like link chasing, that's the part where I've announce that all the free shipping on mask orders I normally do will be coming to an end after this Halloween. Which means, if you want a mask, grab it now, before the shipping charges happens! Click the poster ad to go hit and start grabbing:

Secondly, I've decided to go ahead and knock 10% off on the still-newish Mechanism design over on Redbubble for this weekend only-

Thirdly, I'm doing the exact same deal over on DeviantArt with these two prints:
Again, just click either one to go to the ordering page. Plus, since DeviantArt's, currently running a discount on framing, it's an even better time to grab something framed, should you want to get all fancy and such!
And finally, if you haven't caught it on twitter or facebook, if you've been wanting to try on some masks, or grab a copy of the WIndrow-Ravenswood deck in person, and don't want to wait until Mourning Market on the 17th, You can! Monster Art and Clothing in Ballard is now carrying both some masks and the deck, just in time for Halloween! If you're in the area this weekend, make sure to go check them out! 
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Ok, it's no laptop skin.

But that said, it does make a damned pretty t-shit:

Available as of now in a lot more styles than just women's , and in the full range of colors.

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(Ok, folks. This is the last shirt post I'll be doing of this size. From now on, it'll just be updates with new designs when they happen, but well, it being the first payday since they launched, the internet's memory being a fickle bitch at best, and because I simply HAD to do at least one post in this style, well, there you go. But yes, last time you'll see a massive journal post on this journal with a ton of shirt images.)


Look at your shirt. Now look back at me. Now look at your shirt again, and then look back at me. See, it's me, holding the shirt your shirt could look like:

Isn't it lovely, folks? Now look down, now look back up:

THE SHIRT HAS BECOME A HOODIE. I cannot lie. These options are available on everything over on Redbubble. Look again:

THE HOODIE HAS BECOME DIAMON- a cute fitted tee for the ladies. I do indeed possess this magic. Now, it can be yours. Simply clicking on any of the lovely pictures will take you to a faraway land, where you to can claim ownership of such a lovely and wonderful item.

See, even the Devil Himself says you should check these out.

I HAS A TENTACLE. That is all. Thank you.
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Yes, this should be me busy working on the book for the deck, but I'm taking a much-0needed sanity break for a couple of hours while I get this bit dealt with.

Ok, it's official. I'm trying a new online service for some printing work- specifically, redbubble. No, there's not going to be any redbubble exclusive pieces or anything- they'll be carrying some of the stuff that already exists in other formats elsewhere.

However, they do have a bit more range for matting and such on their prints, so that's at least worth looking at.

But more importantly, there's the following bits:

That's right, folks. T-shirts. Click any of the designs above to go straight through to redbubble's ordering page for sizing, color (there's options!) and pricing info. Now you too can have original casual fashion that will truly fuck with your neighbor's brain.
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Thank you, [ profile] archmage for showing me the existence of this site.

As for the rest of you- it's official. I've now got real shirts for sale (for real, decent pricing?!), over on MySoti. Just two designs so far, but please, go check 'em out, show 'em some love, or better yet, grab one for yourself!

Tribal Cog tee by Winneganfake. Available from

Lost Hearts: Forgotten Valentine tee by Winneganfake. Available from

If these two do well, I'll start branching out and putting some more up, so if folks have sugeestions in that department, I'm more than happy to take them.

Tribal Cog tee by Winneganfake. Available from

Lost Hearts: Forgotten Valentine tee by Winneganfake. Available from
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Ok, LXB fans, I've been playing with stuff. And I have good news: Yes, there will be new League of Extraordinary Bastards stickers. And possibly shirts and a few other goodies. Once I play enough with images to get a few things together. In the meantime, one of the things I'm looking at doing is an LXB "Honor Roll" with a list of notable members, past, present, real and fictional. For this, I am looking for nominations. Wanna put someone on the list? Reply here.


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