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Time for the finale, ladies and gentlemen. You've followed our bold adventurers through four of the five major stages of a Cog Wars game, and now it's time for the epic conclusion, complete with cannonfire, and flying machines- steampunk at its greatest.

For those just tuning in, this is all fiction pulled straight from the game, which will be released some time in October. So, for the next few weeks, I'll be releasing a piece of fiction from the game on every Wednesday. These pieces were intended to be color fiction for each of the five main phases that a single campaign of The Cog Wars goes through: Discovery, Disruption, Revenge, Vignettes, and now, Confrontation.

Now for a bit of background on the game world itself. The Cog Wars is set in the independent city-state of Tiran, a Steampunk capital filled with mad science, alchemy, and adventure. Players can take on the role of Kids, Geezers, or Cogs (living clockwork automata) in a depsperate fight to free the city from the grip of the masterminds that have taken control behind the scenes.

As this is the last planned installment in this series, go keep your eyes on the official site for further updates about the release of the game, which should be fairly soon. Or, go check out the journal of the man responsible for this whole thing, [ profile] the_tall_man.

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Right. It's past time that I said some stuff about the project I'm currently freelancing on, especially since there's a bunch of freebies now available for grabs. Anyways, I'm doing some setting work for an RPG called The Cog Wars. The basics of the game are that it's a steampunk setting, with a good rules-light set of mechanics. But the work's been damned fun so far. The action of the game takes place in the independent city-state of Tiran, A huge city on the main continent of the world. As for the game itself, well, check out the demo stuff- all located behind the cut here.

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So, we recently picked up an Epson CX4200 printer/copier/scanner for our system. Problem is, the drivers came only in the french versions (I've since fixed that), and there appears to be no scanning software included whatsoever (On the Epson website either. Huh.).

So, does anyone have a good recommendation for scanning software that'd be compatible with my OS (Win XPMC) and that particular piece of hardware?
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Ok, I'm getting sick of this.

With the new cafe job (both new as in a new job for me and a new cafe-it's only been open for 12 days now.) I've been schedule for about 20 hours so far this week. Want to know how many of those I've actually been allowed to work?


The wonderful owner keeps turning my scheduled shifts into "on-call" shifts, which loses me both money and time, since I keep (why am I bothering?) leaving those hours open to actually work. And of course, the loss of income and time raises the whole stress factor, which means my artistic work is suffering. I've had a map drawn up and mostly completed for the Tiran project for days now, but I've been under enough stress that I just can't get the damn penciling on the thing done and get it inked. Same goes for the writing.


So, fuck it. bastard owner decides to stick me on-call today, and I'm just going to be working my ass off on my own shit. I am sick and tired of dealing with business owners who lack the stones to actually allow their employees to work.
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My God.... it's full of MIMES?


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