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Ladies, Not-so-gentle-men, assorted Others, thugs, henches, and Things, I crave your attention!

Some of you may remember a certain post made eleven months ago. A post in which we invited those of you of villainous intent to join us, to share your tales of dastardly deeds, and to take part in a network that would allow news of your villainous deeds to spread far and wide.

During the intervening months, I'll admit, I haven't been idle- from designing and implementing a nefarious plan to spread about my soul-stealing deck of cards, to spreading propaganda, and even re-establishing the League itself as one of the more pre-eminent societies for up-and-coming villains. And during all that, I would occasionally check in on my carefully selected carrier-pigeon drop points, email inboxes, and spies, to see if any others had joined the League. Or at least spread word of their own dastardly deeds.

I think it shall surprise none of you to find out that I found, after eleven months of long waiting... nothing. No replies, no stories, no cities razed, no heroes slaughtered. Nothing. It is the Year of the Villain, and we have been asleep at the switch, my compatriots!

Thus, my friends, time for a bit of a challenge. Something to get the bit back in your teeth and the blood under your fingernails.

In just two weeks, we shall see the start of Steamcon II. Villainous villains, we strongly urge you, if you're attending, to show in your finest, and if necessary, to locate the nearest League of Extraordinary Bastards outpost at the con to register and receive further information when available. And of course, to commit any heinous acts you see fit within the constraints of being in a public convention (remember, do nothing to actively cause grief for one of the few meeting places such folk as us have!) In the meantime, I strongly urge those of you interested in the League, or in proving me wrong about the distinct lack of villainy this year, to post away and regale us with your cunning plans and activities! Or to support the League, should you feel the need to do so.

This message sponsored by the L.X.B. and is in no way, shape, or form meant to act as a method of recruitment, advertisement, or plea for your support. If you want to know more about the League, please find and ask your local red-cog cell member.
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LXB: Propaganda 1 by =Winneganfake on deviantART

Yep, it's time to start fighting back against the usual slew of holiday crap we all start seeing this time of year.

Which, of course, means you should be properly armed with the right tools to display for it. Like this one.

Like it? Want to print off as many copies of it as you want on your office photocopier to stick all over your coworker's obnoxious cubicle nativity scene?
Well, I'm holding it for ransom.  )
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(Click the image to go hit the DeviantArt page. I'm sick of the issues happening with DA embeds on crossposts)

Wait, what's that? A League of Extraordinary Bastards remake? But, but, that would mean that there's a new wave of LXB merch like shirts and stickers, right?

Shirt. See also the ability to change colors or styles to almost anything you'd like it on:

Sticker. Peel, stick, and repeat. And enjoy to the full satisfaction as those puny heroes discover that you've placed stickers all over their stuff AGAIN.
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Busy week, busy weekend. And it's only half over. Got to see [ profile] mahariel and [ profile] inaurolillium today at Brenna's Birthday picnic, which was, thankfully nice and low-key. Speaking of, the daughterling made out like a bandit this year: new trike and helmet, new toys, musical instruments, puppets, a pirate treasure chest, all sorts of stuff. Exhausting day of playing though. In fact, both kidlet and [ profile] plaidbrat have been deeply crashed out from exhaustion for a couple of hours now. Me ion the other hand, I have stripes. On my head. Turns out our "emergency" sunscreen (which I needed to make use of at the park today on my shaven scalp) is sweat-soluble. Which means an accidental run of my hand across my head left some spaces rather exposed. So yeah. Relatively pale, except for where I've got some nice big red streaks.

So, what've I been doing tonight?

Posting News stories on DeviantArt.
And cleaning up the worktables. The damn stock tote's almost full again. Which, of course means only one thing. Time to fill another tote.

I also finally shot and shopped the pictures for one recent arrival- my stock samples from the League of Extraordinary Bastards! Check out the stickers!

Print quality's better than I expected, and a damn sight better than the original printings were. The adhesive seems to work well also- the sticker that I attached to Lenin's rear cargo pod has stayed firmly affixed, despite driving through the worst of the rain in the last couple of weeks. Anyways, definitely worth the purchase.

Other stuff to do tomorrow:

Hook up with [ profile] bloodengel for a photo disc.

Find a new beanbag or floor pillow. Our old one suffered a potty-training related mishap, and needs replacement. (Any good suggestions for where to shop?)

Relax. Rest. Get ready for the trip of doom next weekend, which shall consist of me and a three year old driving solo to spokane to visit family.
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Monday, bloody Monday.

Today marks the return of the mulletdwarf, as I once more begin attempting to whip my body into slightly better shape than current. How'd it go? Short hairy little bastard kicked my ass- I'm seven different kinds of sore at this point.

Speaking of bastards, the mass-market merchandising invasion of the LXB proceeds apace. I'm told that the movie deal is already in place, so long as the book deal goes through. Which, of course, means I should start writing. Or get the cockroaches to write it for themselves. Which means, in short, get the LXB stuff now, before Hollywood, The Gap, or my legal department latch onto this stuff and hike the prices to afford their drugs. Damn lawyers and their decongestants.
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Ok, LXB fans, I've been playing with stuff. And I have good news: Yes, there will be new League of Extraordinary Bastards stickers. And possibly shirts and a few other goodies. Once I play enough with images to get a few things together. In the meantime, one of the things I'm looking at doing is an LXB "Honor Roll" with a list of notable members, past, present, real and fictional. For this, I am looking for nominations. Wanna put someone on the list? Reply here.
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OK, for anyone interested in joining the "League of Extraordinary Bastards," by grabbing a few stickers from that seal I posted a little bit ago, let me know if you're up for it, and how many stickers you'd like. They're about $2.24 a pop, and I'd prefer it if you can paypal me funds towards your order, if you want any. Once they get here, I'll send/hand/courier pigeon them out to people, no extra added for postage. Just reply here if you want some, or send the number you want directly with the funds and an address I can send stuff to (paypal payments go to winneganfake (at) hotmail). I'll take orders from people until tomorrow night, then go ahead and place the order. (I figure it's a cool design. Buying in bulk nets no real discount, but it's easier that plugging in all the custom variables for the logo each time someone wanted a sticker.)

So, anyone in?


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