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Hey there, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's time for that wonderful thing you've all been waiting for, the moment in which Dmitri clears out his picture post buffers in one swell foop of grandiosity!

Just step behind the curtain here to begin your little tour of these oddments... )
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So, since it's been a few weeks now since I've had time/focus to do this, I figured I'd take a moment while I had time today and get the buffers cleared out....

So, take a deep breath, stretch those muscles, and get ready to jump in.... )
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Yes. It's officially been ages since I put together a picture post. A real, full length one, not just the "Good Morning" stingers. So, that said, it's time to clear out the pipes as it were- because while I haven't been posting them, that certainly hasn't stopped me from hoarding them up for a post... and there's a lot. And yes, there's both NSFW and worsafe content behind that cut. You've been warned.

That said, why not follow me down this nice little pathway here... )
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We control the horizontal. We control the vertical.

Now get in here and enjoy a picture post.
No channel changing for you! )
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Ugh, I've had this picture post sitting in Semagic for a week, slowly adding to it, chunk by chunk- time to stop aggregating and start sharing... Enjoy!

Time to make some sacrifices... )
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(Hey Dreamwidth users- for those wondering what the hell this is, I do a semi-random, utterly unscheduled picture post. It's mostly stuff I've seen recently that I thought was worth sharing- it's generally worksafe images, or if not, I'll usually note that in the cut-tag. And I'll also usually do my best to be good on sourcing- if I've got a link to the artist responsible for the image, I do my damndest to make sure it's included. In fact, if you've got a source on something that I failed to link up, let me know, please. Otherwise, enjoy, comment away, ask me why the hell I picked somethig if you want, all the usual)
I've been hunting a few weeks for these.... )
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Ok, it's ten at night, and I'm finally recovering from the effects of some of this headcold/heatstroke combo I've got going. Ergo, you guys get the picture post I started work on earlier, but hadn't yet finished- enjoy.

Follow the cut-tag. The cut-tag is our friend.... )


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