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Forgot to mention this one yesterday, but Tormented Artifacts managed to get featured on Ectoplasmosis! Go here to check it out.

And for those not familiar with it, Ectoplasmosis is definitely a worthwhile blog to keep on your feedlists. Lots of steampunk, fashion, cthuloids, and other visual treats on a daily basis.

On the bad news, these are the things topping the list of HATE at the moment: Exhaustion, Illness, check fraud, power shutoff notices, credit lenders, and allergies. In no particular order.
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Busy week, busy weekend. And it's only half over. Got to see [ profile] mahariel and [ profile] inaurolillium today at Brenna's Birthday picnic, which was, thankfully nice and low-key. Speaking of, the daughterling made out like a bandit this year: new trike and helmet, new toys, musical instruments, puppets, a pirate treasure chest, all sorts of stuff. Exhausting day of playing though. In fact, both kidlet and [ profile] plaidbrat have been deeply crashed out from exhaustion for a couple of hours now. Me ion the other hand, I have stripes. On my head. Turns out our "emergency" sunscreen (which I needed to make use of at the park today on my shaven scalp) is sweat-soluble. Which means an accidental run of my hand across my head left some spaces rather exposed. So yeah. Relatively pale, except for where I've got some nice big red streaks.

So, what've I been doing tonight?

Posting News stories on DeviantArt.
And cleaning up the worktables. The damn stock tote's almost full again. Which, of course means only one thing. Time to fill another tote.

I also finally shot and shopped the pictures for one recent arrival- my stock samples from the League of Extraordinary Bastards! Check out the stickers!

Print quality's better than I expected, and a damn sight better than the original printings were. The adhesive seems to work well also- the sticker that I attached to Lenin's rear cargo pod has stayed firmly affixed, despite driving through the worst of the rain in the last couple of weeks. Anyways, definitely worth the purchase.

Other stuff to do tomorrow:

Hook up with [ profile] bloodengel for a photo disc.

Find a new beanbag or floor pillow. Our old one suffered a potty-training related mishap, and needs replacement. (Any good suggestions for where to shop?)

Relax. Rest. Get ready for the trip of doom next weekend, which shall consist of me and a three year old driving solo to spokane to visit family.
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Well, [ profile] plaidbrat evidently woke up around 2:45 this morning, and decided to be nice and let me sleep in until around 7ish. Which was nice of her, except for one problem- I woke up being unable to breathe. Either I've finally full-on caught the bug that laid her low last week, or my allergies have gone into overtime, between all the paper dust that floats around at work and the pollen from the nice warm day we had yesterday.

Lungbutter. Yuck. Sinus Blockade. Yuck.

Seven days remain until the Vampire Ball.

Sarcasttic Bastard needs Dayquil badly.
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I'm in a bit of a situation here. The injury to my foot, if anything, has gotten worse in the 12 days since it initially happened (Wow. It's been that long? Fuck.) Today is no exception- the swelling has increased to the point where I've had to loosen my shoe up. Again. If that continues, I'll be running out of laces soon. The pain has also been staying on about the same level, if not increasing. And due to either my system getting used to the Vicodin, or other factors, the drugs are not helping much with the pain any longer.

We all know what the advice here should be. Same advice I'd give to anyone else in this kind of situation: "Go see your doctor."

Problem is, I'm not sure I can. Thanks to work's wonderful policy, I can't call in right now without losing my job. And between getting an appointment set up, and probably having to go do X-rays at another location the same day, I'd probably need to take the entire day away from work. Fuck. Fucking Fucking Fuck.
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Hates it when projects end.

I've now gone and managed to get copies of all the 70171 tracks downloaded from Mperia. At least I still have those. And I will find later hosting for them in the future. Just not right now on top of everything else.

Sigh. '07 was supposed to be a better year for me. At least I'd hoped that'd be the case.
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And yet again I crash my rendering programs.

Why? Because I dared to command it to actually cast and receive shadows in a realistic manner! GRARGH!!!!!
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Dmitri's school of webdesign, the audio track:

"I got it!!!!"


"No wait, I got it!"

"Whatthefuck do you mean it didn't save to all the templates? Fuck."

"OK, now I got it!"

"FUCKERNUTTERS! You got Lorem Ipsum in my intro text! You got intro text in my Lorem Ipsum!"

"Ok, somebody else can get this. I'm going to bed."

this post brought to you by my annoyances with Open Office, text boxes, and my frustrating lack of knowledge of HTML/website design.
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State of the Winnegan:

Doctor's aren't sure exactly what's up with my arm- it could just be a strain on some tendons, it could be nerve damage, or best of all it could be a hairline fracture. Only time will tell at this point. In the meantime, I have my arm in a compression wrap to keep any swelling down (not that there's been any, but at least it helps keep me from moving the arm in ways that are painful), and a bottle of perscription strength naproxen, which it turns out, I can't take. Whether it's an effect from combining with my usual perscription cocktail or an effect of my wonderfully fucked up metabolism, big doses of naproxen evidently induce firehose-pressure regurgitation.

So how am I? I'm hurting, but I'm recovering. And just plain feeling exhausted from the pain, since it's overriding the normal painkillers. Thankfully, [ profile] plaidbrat and Brenna have both been pretty forgiving over my grumpiness from the last few days.

Agenda for this weekend: writing. I've got three pieces currently stuck in my head that I need to get onto the page. I just need to get away from all the damn distractions to get to them.
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Short version: Now at home. Forced skid across metal road plating. left shoulder, elbow, knee, hip are hurting but no serious damage according to the ER docs. Typing one-handed sucks balls.
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In case anyone's wondering, I'm home today- sickness and exhaustion as a doubleheader.

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Dear fucking God.

How long can one goddamned render take???
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To do today:

Drop Brenna off at daycare
Work on cleaning and packing [ profile] inaurolillium's place for a few hours
Hit art store, pick up at least two different shades of pink paint.
Finish existing commissions, including using the aforementioned pink paint on a gasmask project
clean house
write during breaks and downtime
head over to [ profile] jgreywolf's tonight to pick up a bunch of Lux Aeterna stuff on disk.
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Lostware is rejecting my email passwords. If you're getting suddenly spammed or virused from Winneganfake or TormentedArtifacts, it should be noted that those emails are not actually coming from me or this computer.
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Ok, I'm getting sick of this.

With the new cafe job (both new as in a new job for me and a new cafe-it's only been open for 12 days now.) I've been schedule for about 20 hours so far this week. Want to know how many of those I've actually been allowed to work?


The wonderful owner keeps turning my scheduled shifts into "on-call" shifts, which loses me both money and time, since I keep (why am I bothering?) leaving those hours open to actually work. And of course, the loss of income and time raises the whole stress factor, which means my artistic work is suffering. I've had a map drawn up and mostly completed for the Tiran project for days now, but I've been under enough stress that I just can't get the damn penciling on the thing done and get it inked. Same goes for the writing.


So, fuck it. bastard owner decides to stick me on-call today, and I'm just going to be working my ass off on my own shit. I am sick and tired of dealing with business owners who lack the stones to actually allow their employees to work.
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So, I started the new job yesterday, which included getting my schedule, etc. This morning, I get a call from the owner, informing that my shift for today is now an "on-call" shift. This is of course, after I arrange things for having someone here to take care of Brenna. This is just fucking intolerable- am I scheduled, or not? And how often is he going to pull this kind of BS?

Gah. So, right now I'm jobhunting again, and when my shift time rolls around, I'll be going in to have a talk with the owner about this stuff.
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First interview? Great.

Second Interview? Also great.

Y'know, normally, I'm hired by now. But no. There's just ONE. MORE. HOOP!

And I'm betting that this one they set on fire and everything. I get to jump through it on Wednesday.
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OK, the short report on the weekend.

Con was good. good for business and great to see a bunch of people I haven't seen in a good long while. The bad side? I'm fucking exhausted. Constantly feeling cold and tired right now.

And of course, one of my headhunters came through and found me a new job! One which starts tonight. Argh. Must go to work, and all I want to do right now is fall asleep. Under some really warm blankets.

Oh, and pics of the girlie are available for viewing in [ profile] plaidbrat's journal right now. I'll repost some here, after I get the daughterling off to daycare.


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