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Ok, you primitive screwheads, now listen up!

I do not want to hear any further whining outta any of you candy-asses for not having a game to play at your regular game night. Why? Because PvP: The Beatdown's been out for a good chunk of time now. And your excuse for not picking it up and giving it a go would be?

That said, here's a new opportunity for you- now you can avoid giving RPGNow a cut of your wallet for picking up the game. Because now, you can just buy it direct from us, at the Lux Aeterna website.

Which means, in plain english, it's time for you to get off your pasty white keisters, unglue your eyeballs from that screen of nekkid goth chicks rubbing oil on themselves, and get your ass to the Lux Aeterna store! VIVA LA REVOLUCION! VIVA LA BEATDOWN!!!
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Ok, time to list everything currently in the works, so bear with me for a post:

Tormented Artifacts- still waiting on word from Norwescon. Beyond that, no immediate plans for festivals or anything thanks to the nightjob. In the meantime, I;m figuring out some new base designs for the coming year- we'll see how those turn out.

70171- Two new tracks are currently in the works. Plans for doing a CD production are currently delayed until I can actually afford to do so. In the meantime, I'll keep hosting tracks at Mperia. And if anyone else knows of good sites that I should be hosting tracks at, drop me a line.

Lux Aeterna Productions
Ok, this one I have to do by project.

Enemy Unknown (Formerly Guerrilla Earth)- still revising, editing, and adding more content. Which is being a slow-ass process at this point.

Drunkards & Wagons- [ profile] jgreywolf has it, it's his ball right now. In other words, it's in final layout, and will get released when it gets released.

PvP: The Beatdown- Art is now in the bag, it just needs one more pass through some willing editors (any volunteers?) and it's off to layout.

Visions- This is starting to grow in my head again, as some posts on the Visions filter can attest lately- the system is starting to shape up, and the collection of hallucinatory nasties is starting to grow.

That covers all the main stuff, with links even. wow.
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I have just seen a cover proof for Enemy Unknown. This game will officially rock, on basis of the artwork if nothing else.
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Ideas we're definitely using/have used.

Alien invasion ala Robotech
Horror game rooted in japanese film horror, and western psychological horror/thrillers.
Communist Mecha. (On Mars!)

Ideas I need to figure out/tinker with before I could use

Steampunkish fantasy (been done to death of late it seems)
Horror-esque WWII. (Maybe as a tactical game?)
Carnivale (Not using our standard system. Something very rules-lite)
Big Trouble in Little China (Scratch that, there's so much wuxia in the RPG markets these days, I doubt I could really add anything new.)

Ideas I need to have

I have no idea- you tell me. What should I be thinking/reading/watching at this point for new inspirations?

And to clairify: No I'm not talking about picking up licensing to do games specifically based on films/movies/books/what have you- it's more for reference to the feel of what I'm looking for at this point.
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It's done.

It's finally fucking done.

The text for the contest version of Guerrilla Earth is now finished. Ladies, begin weeping for joy, men, faint in awe of my prowess.


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