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Argh! Thud!

Well, if it isn't one thing, its another.

Reposted from [ profile] plaidbrat:The lady who runs her in home daycare has to go to her Mom, as her Mom is dying. At this time, she doesn't know how long she will be away and she needs to leave Saturday, so... Brenna has 2 more days of daycare there. Sigh...

Now... the mad scramble for daycare when funds are just too tight!!! Argh!!!

Anyone got any affordable daycare suggestions in the northend of Seattle? It can be in Shoreline, Edmonds or Mountlake Terrace, as long as it's within a mile of Hwy 99.
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Argh. Gone through all the photos, and created the new menus for Tormented Artifacts, only to look over the results, and say to myself....

Two major photoshoots, and I have only twelve designs with enough pics to put up on the site? WTF????

I need a photog and models stat. Anyone available in the near (month or so) future?
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Dmitri's school of webdesign, the audio track:

"I got it!!!!"


"No wait, I got it!"

"Whatthefuck do you mean it didn't save to all the templates? Fuck."

"OK, now I got it!"

"FUCKERNUTTERS! You got Lorem Ipsum in my intro text! You got intro text in my Lorem Ipsum!"

"Ok, somebody else can get this. I'm going to bed."

this post brought to you by my annoyances with Open Office, text boxes, and my frustrating lack of knowledge of HTML/website design.
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Short version: Now at home. Forced skid across metal road plating. left shoulder, elbow, knee, hip are hurting but no serious damage according to the ER docs. Typing one-handed sucks balls.


Jun. 19th, 2006 12:35 pm
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Well, looks like I may have myself a job again, once the payroll agency gets around to contacting me. Looks like it starts next monday at nine am, as well. Which means, in short, HOLY FUCK!

Have to find daytime daycare for next week, starting immediately. And as a backup, anyone willing to possibly spend a day or two with the charming Brenna herself next week?


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