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Honestly, I keep seeing more and more people weighing in with long bloggish posts about what is or is not Steampunk, or about the appropriate steam-to-punk ratio, or about the necessary environmentalist aspects of steampunk (new readers, jog back a couple of years, there's a great rant in there.), or even just how many kilos of steam it would take to lift one's petticoats appropriately.  To be honest, I'm getting largely sick of hearing it. As it is, though, [ profile] robert_from_ap did a damned good job of hitting it out of the park with his own post today on the subject.

Personally, I'd like to take things a bit further, mostly because the one thing I see in the scene, the one thing that constantly pisses me off, is this dependence on Victorian aesthetics, or worse, people denigrating something simply because it isn't Victorian enough to be Steampunk.

These kind of things boggle the hell out of me. Partly because I came to the aesthetic from fiction, including works that don't have a thing to do with Victoriana, as well as comics and videogames that, while steampunk, also didn't have a goddamned thing to do with anything Victorian.

Honestly, for me, the Victorian era and Steampunk are about as congruent as a fish and a pickup truck, respectively.

Sure, you can carry a fish around in your truck, should you desire it. But the fish does not normally, or necessarily belong inside of said truck. And the truck does it's own purpose just fine, regardless of whether or not there's a fish in the back end. Neither one requires the other, and, in fact, they can both exist separate of each other just fine. 

It's the same with Steampunk. Most definitions of it start talking about how Steampunk had its roots in Victorian Science Fiction, and then utterly fail to realize that that's not the end of things- that about the only thing that really defines steampunk as a literary genre is high adventure, wild unknown factors, and steam-driven technology. Note the lack of fashion references in that list? That's because there aren't any. Characters in Verne's novels were dressed in a victorian manner because he was writing contemporary novels- had Verne been doing the same writing in our own time, his characters might have just as easily been wearing t-shirts and jeans. Would the book still be considerable as Steampunk lit? Absolutely,  provided it had the other elements of the genre.

So, to the costume nazis desperate to see everyone in corsetry, waistcoats and such? Stow it. Their choices in costuming and everything are just as valid as yours.

And let's face it. Over a long enough time, a truck simply needs more fuel added to it to keep it going. Whereas a fish will only develop a rather bad smell, and need to get thrown over for a fresher fish.

And for the record, there's no way in hell you're going to catch me defining steampunk any further than this. It's a growing genre/subculture and is still finding it's own definition, which isn't helped by everyone trying to slap labels on it to justify their own choices. Leave it for the historians to do in a century, if it makes it that far. 

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All right. That does it. I'm sick of seeing this shit. I'm even sicker of it, because, such as it is, I (for the most part) agree with the spirit of what they're doing.

That said, I cannot help but want to let out a long blast on the horn of "YOU'RE REALLY FUCKING DOING IT WRONG!" when I read this kind of thing.

To all the would-be activists boldly lining up to not pay money for the movie in any way shape or form in expression of their Geek Rage over some truly shitastic casting (yep, that part I can agree with) that you've patiently explained to your several hundred followers in your blog or on twitter, or other online locales. And you think this will somehow make a difference. That Hollywood will notice your protests, and Make Things Better. If not with this movie, than later down the line, thanks to your brilliant efforts at communication and protest.

Get a fucking clue.

This is Hollywood. The same Hollywood that we've previously described as a blind, dumb beast, fueled by the blood and sweat of millions of artists, sucking off it's own sweaty juices in paroxysms of remixing and recreation rather than creating the New, and wiping it's ass on the rolls of hundred-dollar-bills that it practically prints itself on a daily basis. When a movie doesn't sell tickets or DVDs, this beast does not go looking about in curiosity, eager to find what went wrong with this treasured film and make it work right. No. It simply cuts off this one of it's millions of hungry mouths, eager for cash to suck forth from wallets, and goes instead in search of wallets that will open up for it's honey-tipped tentacles.

The Beast will not come unto you to listen, o protestors and hipsters. The Beast does not understand such things as communication. Not on the subtle wavelengths which you prefer. If you want to get a Beast's attention and make it stop eating the chickens that you used to love and adore, you do not leave it a mildly scrawled note. No. You go directly to it's fucking cave with torches, pitchforks, dynamite, and a song of rage and vengeance filling your heart and lungs, for Bok-bok, and Lazybeak were treasured pets, and their blood should not have been spilt in vain!

In short- Hollywood isn't going to listen. Period. You're using the wrong method to get their attention, and the message that they will get from lackluster sales, is that they should spend even less time and money on developing projects that fall into the fantasy and young adult genres. If you haven't noticed, that's a really shitty fucking message. And I can understand and do agree with all of people's reasons for the boycotts and Geek Rage posts and everything. But that's not the message that Hollywood's going to get. And there's only one really good way to get the Beast's attention. Go to it's motherfucking cave. If you want to protest this, if you truly want to see things change, then you should save the time making posts on the subject, go buy a cheap bus ticket, and get your ass to LA. Use the twitter account you've been moaning about bad casting over to organize with like minded individuals, and show up on the goddamn studio's doorstep, signs in hand, ready to actually fucking protest. Hollywood might start taking you seriously then, instead of sensibly ignoring the 13-year-old online whingeing on the topic. Show them you mean business, and they may actually start talking business- it's that simple.

And in the meantime, those of you threatening boycott and such? Yes, I understand your motives and methods. As I said, I think your message will be misconstrued at best, and overall, you're fucking hurting the genres I enjoy. Now I'm not going to urge you to go spend money on The Last Airbender. Not in good conscience, because I hate the casting as well. But if you don't fucking go spend money on other stuff in the genre this summer, I'll really be disappointed in you. The less people who support a genre as a whole- the less films that get made in that genre. If you actually support fantasy/sf/young adult films getting made, you do need to put your money where your mouth is. Support the ones you do like and agree with, or you'll see more like the ones you hate. Or worse- you'll see none at all.
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Legends of Zork, it was nice knowing you. After leveling up my character to level 42, I'm just plain realizing that it's not worth it anymore. It's grind, grind, and nothing but grind, with gleeful teases of story to it that culminate in nothing. Throw in the repetitive as shit graphics, the lack of well...anything other than the simple ease of click-click-click to play... and yeah. I'm trying to figure out why I spent this long with it. I mean seriously, is it really so hard for there to be an actual online game I'd fucking like? Is it so bad to want immersive storytelling? Characters with depth? Actual adventure instead of grinding my way through nothing but onslaughts of lemmingbeasts? This should not be tough, people. Hell, I'd love a browser-based experience that delivered. In fact, I'd willingly thank anyone who could recommend me a game that satisfies the following:

1. Doesn't require a video card. I has not one. Hell the graphics don't have to be much, just interesting.

2. STORY. I want a nice thick level of backstory, plot, subplots, world detail, all of it.

3. Characters- I want to interact. Better yet, I want to ACT. I want my character's actions in the world to actually mean something in the world of the game at large. Or at least to mean more than just ganking yet another brogmoid in the swamps for XP to level up again for NO REASON WHATSOEVER.

Is that really too much to fucking ask? Do I really just need to hide in my hole with my PSX emulation and a bunch of old adventure titles, and mourn the death of storyline in gaming?
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I'm posting this once, so I can refer people back to it later. I'm posting it without cut-tags because too many people seem to be incapable of remembering how to use them these days. All other gripes can be dealt with in the comments. I'm sure there'll be at least some.

All right. I've seen it multiple places in multiple journals.

"Livejournal is dead."

Ladies and gentlemen, if that's your belief, frankly I have a few things to say to you, starting with the generous advice that you should take your whiny little opinion and proceed to stuff it directly up your rectum. now that half of you have left in an offended huff, let me explain further, for the rest of the audience that isn't frightened by polysyllabic wording.

Yes, the userbase on LJ is shifting around a lot, especially thanks to services like Twitter and facebook. Yes, a lot of us have accounts on those sites as well, and some are migrating over there more and more, rather than here. Hell, I usually end up dividing my time 50/50 between my friendslist and TweetDeck these days. Does this constitute the death of LJ?


Why? Ok, let's start simply:

1. Length of content. Twitter maxes out at 140 characters. Facebook, while allowing more than that in notes, still won't let you do status updates that are longer than that. Which means, if you've got something of more substance than "I'm on the toilet taking a monstrously foul dump." you're going to have to post it elsewhere. LJ and other blog services allow for that. Not to mention the ability to decently combine pictures and text. Or video. Or all three and other flash widgety bits all in the same post. There's things you can do here with content that you can't get away with on the new guys.

2. Networking/support. So, three of your best friends have decided to switch over to doing a wordpress blog. Or dreamwidth. Or similar. Some of them are coming back, or are doing things like [ profile] cmpriest and linking them to automatically crosspost, because their readerbase isn't moving with them, or can't be arsed to deal with setting up readers and such to follow all the separate blogs. Reading over a friendslist is easy by comparison.

3. The other services... well, Facebook is a mess. No decent support for large content, rampant copyright infringement in their sponsored "games", not to mention 20 million annoying updates that, were they appearing in your email inbox instead of on a web page, would be considered nothing more than spam. Not to mention a layout that looks like it was created by paralyzed flounder. Twitter's decent for short stuff,but looks to be running into issues with cashflow/userbase, largely created by Facebook's blatant grab of the 140-character-status-update.

Of the reasons... well, #1's the best, obviously. But the real best reason you should stay on LJ? The reason LJ isn't dead yet?


You get what you give, here, and everywhere else. You want more friends? People who post interesting stuff for you to read? Then you need to post interesting stuff. That's the point of having things like an LJ- putting up interesting content for the world to view. Keeping a journal that's of interest to others (and yourself). Your friends left you on LJ? Maybe that's because you stopped posting anything of interest, stopped reading and commenting on other people's posts, and just decided to get bored and angsty and spending your time on LJ doing nothing but whining. Want to fix it? It's easy- start posting again. Post interesting stuff, or post personal stuff, or just start commenting again, but quit blaming those of us who aren't shitting in the pool- we're here. If you're whining that LJ doesn't have interesting content on it anymore, then you're the only ones that that statement is true for.

And if your friends left, and you do need something interesting to read? (Other than me, of course) I heartily recommend some of mine.

[ profile] flemco The artist behind Two Lumps, who posts some downright interesting stuff in general.
[ profile] daemonwolf Creator of awesome jewelry and other bits.
[ profile] tongodeon Just read it. He does some killer political/social commentary, among other things.

And that's just a few.

It ain't dead. It isn't broken. you just have to figure out how to use it, and then keep using it.
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Y'know what? Shut the fuck up about fucking Palin. Fuck talking about her, shut the fuck up about her moose-hunting, slack-jawed buddies that she hired to fill her gubernatroial cabinet, and shut the fuck up about her cute little American foibles.

Why? Because the more you talk and bitch about her, the more you're playing their game. It's an "any press is good press," tactic, simply because while the VP nom is still making the front page, the good speeches and quotes, the actual campaign itself, is getting buried under layer after layer of character attacks. So yes, feel the anger about Palin. Let it burn.  Let it fester. Get riled up about it, by all means. But stop letting her overshadow the fucking dialogue! And I'm not just talking about the press here- I mean everything- stop bitching about her in emails, LJ posts, etc. You're giving her press- you should stop that. Start digging- find the real fucking campaign, and start sharing info on that, rather then adding another shovelful of manure to the Palin pile. Get this fucking thing back under control.

And no, I'm not meaning don't post about her period. But come on people- we're supposed to be capable of seeing through this bullshit ourselves, and here we are doing nothing but posting about OMG WE HATE PALIN! Give the media a fucking clue, and start posting about the stuff we actually want to see getting covered in the election instead.

For [ profile] pandorasbox 's benefit: as always, it's a politics post- feel free to copy, re-link, distribute, etc. Just use the whole damn post, and cite where you got it from.

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Dear KOMO Weather service.

Apparently we are not using the same dictionary, or possibly even the same language. Why do I say this? Because when you say the words: "The roads will be dry and safe all day today," you are apparently using moon-language for the words "Currently, there's an inbound rainstorm in the north end- motorcyclists, and scooter-riders, watch for slick roads. "

Please, accept this wonderfully boxed up bomb selection of chocolates as my token of gratitude.


PS: Fuck you.
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Directing someone to a search field containing 600+ abstract images, even if it is down from 15,000, can not be termed as "narrowing the field," in any way shape or form. Especially when there is no further criteria for searching at a smaller level.

I must find six specific needles in a stack of 607 needles. And people wonder why I sometimes develop that facial tic. Or the twitchy hands. Or just grow a giant waxed mustache to twirl endlessly whilst I mutter about my plans for the "cavorite device" or the "underlying subconscious of man."

Oh, one day, they'll understand. When I finally unleash my trained army of cybernetic attack-shrimp with orders to mercilessly nail live weasels to their joints, followed by defenestrating them, they'll know.
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Last  night's ride home was... interesting.

Now let me preface this by saying simply this much: if I catch this guy, or anyone else pulling this kind of shit again, i don't care if I know you or not, so help me, you're getting called in to the police, and well, if I get the chance to stop you personally, I'd probably be willing to pull a good old fashioned curb-stomping for this kind of bullshit.

So, yesterday's commute home. There I was, driving up Dexter towards Fremont, when what should I see? Another scooter, driving merrily along. Normally not a cause for concern, except that this guy was busy driving along in the cyclist lane. And I'm not talking about just ducking into it to avoid a car, or using it to filter through parked traffic at a stop light- both of which are pretty valid uses/needs to get into that space. No, I mean he was driving along the entire time in the bike path, to the point that he was forcing bicyclers out into regular traffic. Including driving through the bike lane across Fremont bridge- otherwise known as the regular pedestrian sidewalk- that's right, endangering foot traffic as well.

So, please- if anyone sees this particular motherfucker (unfortunately, I lack his license #, as I couldn't get close enough to him to catch it  unless I was to pull some of the same shit he did), do me a favor- and knock his ass down. I don't care what excuse he wants to try and pull- whether it's that his engine is too small, or he pisses himself when he gets within ten feet of a car, or whatever- there is NO excuse for that kind of crap. NONE.  EVER. We willingly take the risk on of potentially tangling with a larger vehicle when we get on a scooter or motorcycle. That's how it is. People who are walking, or obeying bicycle laws by using the bike lanes are supposed to be safe from regular traffic. Including us. A scooter may not be a car, but it's still two to three hundred pounds of metal and fiberglass- when you drive it in non-traffic areas, you're pretty much wielding it like some kind of weapon- the odds of you hitting someone and doing them serious damage, if not killing them, skyrocket.

So congratulations, motherfucker, wherever you are. You're doing your absolute best to give every single one of us on the road a bad name, increase the possibilities of motorcycles and scooters not getting more legal protection as traffic vehicles,  not to mention the very real risk of damaging a good number of people physically, between the ones you've forced into normal traffic and the ones who risk you crashing into them because you're driving in their lane.  I can only hope that poetic justice is headed your way soon in the form of someone timing it right and launching you off the bridge next time you pull that shit.


Aug. 7th, 2008 12:53 pm
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Attention US Postal Service, heretoafter to be referred to as motherfucking idiot asswipes:

Re-using a priority mail box after it's initial usage is called recycling. Ergo why all "priority mail" marks upon said box were fucking covered over by large swathes of skull&crossbones tape. Returning said box to me and demanding more postage for something that was clearly NOT being sent via priority mail is, to say the least, encroaching on the very definition of asshattery. Wonder why more and more people refuse to send jack shit through your oh-so-wonderfully overpriced services? This would top the fucking scale. Especially when I'm using you to send something local, as the recipient and I never manage to end up in the same place at the same time for the most part. Also since this package should bloody well have arrived yesterday at the latest, despite not sending it via your over-rated, overpriced service.

(yes Ann, that would be your box. Gonna find a workaround, as I already had to pay for shipping once, and certainly do not want to pay full price plus extra just to get something across town twice.)
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So, I found a cool thing this morning, or at least, I'd thought I had.

Meet the PMOG, or Passively Multiplayer Online Game. It's a nice little browser-driven (firefox only, and that's with an installed extension) game with a steampunky flair. The basic concept is racking up XP/levels by browsing unique pages, leaving tools, traps, etc around for others with the extension to find. There's even the ability to create quests for other players.

At this point, I'm interested- a game our home system's guaranteed to run with no huge issues, and I can play it while simply browsing around and doing some of my nightly routine! Sounds like fun.

Fun, that is, until I made the mistake of checking the forums on PMOG's site out, just to see what players are saying about stuff. The Strategy section? Full of nothing but fucking point farmers- with working methods for generating themselves tons of points per day by bending the ToS (and a few scripts) as much as possible. And, since the system's point-driven, it means they can pretty much dominate most aspects of the game. For someone (like myself) who wants to just play it and actually play within the normal bounds of the game, that's pretty fucking daunting. And, it's nearly unsold me on downloading it tonight.

Does no-one actually play online games just to [play the fucking game itself any longer? Or am I just insane for immediately disliking going out of the way to find new and interesting ways to cheat the game itself?

I'll take another serving of single player, please, just so I don't have to sit next to those bastards.
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Time for a bit of a TV review, especially as I've had it one a lot for late-night background noise while painting:

Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!

I too could take a wet steamy fart into a microphone and label it as comedy.

Saul of the Mole Men

Land of the Lost. Go see it, and go realize that your hideous pastiche doesn't even approach parody levels.

And seriously- can we stop with re-running the same five episodes of Futurama and Family Guy over and over?

And in other news- fuck. Forgot to get the recorder on for BSG and Dresden last night- is there a replay his week, or did anyone else tape it?
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Time for a rant:

I can't remember if I weighed in on it back when the discussion first got aired, but having wrestling on sci-fi, is, I'm sure, a deliberate plan of the programming directors (just like their daytime schedule, or lack thereof) to get viewers to actively watch anything BUT the sci-fi channel, so that the station itself will ultimately be cancelled.

See also the gigantic wads of b-movies, the cancelling of various shows, etc, etc.....

Look. It's wrestling. just like Face-Off and the other cheap action films USA has recently picked up airing rights to, it's got zero connection to science fiction, fantasy, or even horror (No, wait- those shots of the yelling audience members on WWE? Yep, there's your horror right there. And be more afraid- they can vote. And drive. And....) I digress- good TV, it never was. Good SF? Even bad SF? Most definitely not.


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