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Well, [ profile] the_tall_man went and did it- The Cog Wars: Zero Edition is now available for paid download.

What can I say about it? Here's some basic facts:

It is 102 pages of pure distilled genius in a can PDF form.

It can cure your warts, re-grow your hair, and make you feel downright pretty.

It's got a great inventive system- this isn't your typical "D&D plus one new stat homebrew" as far as rules go.

The setting is sheer fucking genius, and the author is deserving of an Ennie, a Pulitzer, and possibly a Nobel for his work. (No guessing which part I was writing for, all right?)

It's a Zero edition. Which means act now, and get the basics while the games dirt cheap. If you love it, you can then get the later editions and help keep supporting me in my old age. (If not, hell, you're out five bucks. I know most of you have spent a LOT more than that on a single 100-page splatbook before this, and this is a full-on corebook, not a supplement.)

The lot of you should go pick up a copy- or at least check out the 11-pages of preview directly viewable on

and [ profile] synabetic? Go bug Levi about a press kit- this one definitely should get covered.
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Ok, so some of you may remember a good long time back when I was working on writing up a bunch of setting stuff for an RPG known as The Cog Wars. It's a great game- steampunk, youthful rebellion, crotchety old saboteurs, sentient clockworks, and the like. And [ profile] the_tall_man , originator, developer, and lead nutjob on this grand old project, has now released a gamma version of the corebook- all the setting stuff, all the rules, Ok, ok, damn near all the setting, rules, etc etc, you'd need to play- just a dire need for some light editing and playtesting. And I no longer have a regular campaign group to inflict it on.

So, those of you who're of a gaming mindset, please- go forth. Grab the FREE PDF. Play the shit out of it. Or just read it over and find the pure brilliance/errors of our ways. Let him know what sticks and what doesn't. All that.
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Welcome to the first installment of the "5 phases, 5 days," promo that I'll be posting for the upcoming release of the game The Cog Wars. I've been doing a lot of writing for this game in general, and I'm glad to have the chance to show off some of it before the game gets released in October. So, for the next five weeks, I'll be releasing apiece of fiction from the game on every Wednesday. These pieces were intended to be color fiction for each of the five main phases that a single campaign of The Cog Wars goes through: Discovery, Disruption, Revenge, Vignettes, and Confrontation.

Now for a bit of background on the game world itself. The Cog Wars is set in the independent city-state of Tiran, a Steampunk capital filled with mad science, alchemy, and adventure. Players can take on the role of Kids, Geezers, or Cogs (living clockwork automata) in a depsperate fight to free the city from the grip of the masterminds that have taken control behind the scenes. In the first phase of the game,Discovery, the player characters are usually put to the task of finding information about a particular mastermind's plot.

OK, enough intro and background from me- time for some good fiction,and keep your eyes peeled for next week with Phase 2: Disruption.

Phase 1: Discovery )


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