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 And of course, like a fool, I competely spaced on posting yesterday's Seven Sins update over here. So here's yesterday's, with today's to come along shortly. 

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Oh, I made you all a new artwork last night, though you lot were too distracted by the moon to notice:

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Ooof. I am way too behind on keeping my journals updated with the new bits over at DeviantArt. So, here's a quick catch-up!

The Winged Crest by =Winneganfake on deviantART

Archangel Project: Raziel by =Winneganfake on deviantART

Alchemy Bracer: The Seal by =Winneganfake on deviantART
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....and in other news, DeviantArt's doing yet another sale for those interested- this time around, they're taking 20% off of all print orders. I shouldn't have to go into anything further for superlative text at this point. Twenty percent. This is a discount that is not fooling around in the slightest.

Which means it's totally time for someone to grab this sucker in some truly gigantic format
to hang in their home.

Or maybe this, in a nice gigantic size for the kitchen?

Anyways, up to you guys, but act quickly, as the sale's only good until this Sunday, the 27th.

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And speaking of DeviantArt, they're doing their usual, thing, and starting to let their discounts and sales stack up in interesting ways. Like today's:

Between right now and the 7th, DeviantArt's giving 25% off on all "Art Gift" items. That covers everything that isn't an ordinary print- greeting cards, magnetsmugs... Oh, and did we mention that calendars fall into that heading too? Like this years new one?

Only that's not the biggest part of the sale. The even bigger part? The fact that DeviantArt's still running the free shipping offer on any order of ten dollars or more. Which means you can grab stuff for dirt cheap, and get it in time for Giftmas for free. We still like free around here, right?

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Ok, folks. Hopefully DeviantArt will do the trick where they announce the rest of their sales for the month soon, because I'm sure you're getting as sick of these updates as I am of making them.

Anyways, this new sale, while not as cool as the 20% discount, is actually a pretty big deal, especially if you need international shipping on anything.

Why? Because from now until December 15th, DeviantArt is doing free shipping on any order over ten dollars which, if you've seen the shipping charges for well, damn near anything on DA, you get the idea- it's a pretty good discount.

But yes, that covers anything in my prints store over there, so hit the link and go check out the deal.

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Well, while I normally don't run sales myself on Black Friday, being a firm believer in not spreading the insanity around or supporting the madness, the sites I selll some extra bits through on the other hand, are running some sales today, and they're rather good ones.

First off there's Redbubble, which does all my t-shirts. They're currently doing a 15% off sale between now and Monday on all their products except stickers- which means you can pick up cool shirts like these as a great holiday gift, or as something cool for yourself:


And then, there's DeviantArt, which is also running their sale- a whopping 20% off all their wall art products- which includes prints, calendars, and damn near anything you can hang on a wall, short of your local crucifixion victim. Which means all my prints are running dirt cheap right now. Like these:


Yes. All that, and more, done dirt cheap.So, if you're like me, and doing your damnedest to avoid the stores this morning, not to mention wanting to get something truly original for folks, go have a blast! Or there's always the one stocking stuffer guaranteed to keep folks oohing, aaahing, and wondering just what the fuck is wrong with you: the Windrow-Ravenswood Deck. Still cheap as hell and free to ship anywhere in the US. 

And yes folks, I realize there's probably going to be a ton of similar sales run between now and giftmas- I'll try to keep the advertising posts down to once a week though, unless some major short-term one suddenly pops up. In the meantime though, I suggest you guys jump on stuff while you can, and while you're still guaranteed to have it arrive in time for the holidays. 


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So here's two of the pieces from Steamcon, both of which I didn't have a chance to photograph before the con:

Primal Steam: Gauntlet by =Winneganfake on deviantART

Arcanepunk: Alchemist's Regard by =Winneganfake on deviantART
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I know, I know- people are getting sick of all these sales posts for right now. Anyways, just wanted to share one quick bit- DeviantArt's doing yet another sale- this time they're taking 20% off on any large prints (by their definition that's anything 20"x30" and larger.)

Which is downright awesome and makes print purchasing, once again, really damned affordable.

I won't throuw up a stack of images and kill your friendslist, but should you want to see what the sale pricing looks like, here's my prints page. Go check things out.

And yes, this sale also applies towards certain pieces still being held for ransom as well.
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LXB: Propaganda 1 by =Winneganfake on deviantART

Yep, it's time to start fighting back against the usual slew of holiday crap we all start seeing this time of year.

Which, of course, means you should be properly armed with the right tools to display for it. Like this one.

Like it? Want to print off as many copies of it as you want on your office photocopier to stick all over your coworker's obnoxious cubicle nativity scene?
Well, I'm holding it for ransom.  )
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Right. Time for the first wave of a posting frenzy over on DeviantArt:

First up, in case you missed it last night (judging from the lack of commentary) the League of Extraordinary Bastards got a bit of a makeover:

The League of Extraordinary... by =Winneganfake on deviantART

And then onto the first ones from today:

Primal Steam: Wristicuff by =Winneganfake on deviantART

Clockwork Cameo: The Mistaken by =Winneganfake on deviantART

Kushiel by =Winneganfake on deviantART
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Or at least, I think they are- this is like the third sale or discount in the last two months at least, and normal they aren't quite so regular.

Anyways, while it's not going to be of much interest to US users, DeviantArt is currently giving out a 50% discount on shipping for any orders over $70.  Like I said, not much of a deal for those in the US, but if you're not states-based, this is huge, as they typically charge both arms, both legs, and a head to ship overseas.

What, I need to show you pretties to make you go look at the beautiful discounted prints? All right, how about these?

Just click any of those to go see the full selection. Or, you could go grab next year's calendar a bit early:

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Yep, busy working on end-of-year projects, including calendar design and such bits. And since the background from the calendar pages works really well for it, I figured I should share it out as a new desktop wallpaper- enjoy!

WRD Desktop Pack by =Winneganfake on deviantART
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All right folks, time for BIG IMPORTANT SALE NEWS:

This just in from the fearless leader of the Deviant Art prints department: A 15% off sale on all paper and canvas wall art.

That means that all my prints, be they on photo paper, fine art archival materials, or even wrapped canvas are now on a good healthy discount. Framing isn't included, but otherwise this is a sweet deal you should definitely take advantage of- after all, you could easily end up with one of these guys on your wall at this price:


Or even the brand new:

You want this. your children (possibly the ones you don't have yet) want you to have this. You should do it. And the sale only lasts until September 7th, so you'd best jump on it while you've got the chance.
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Doing a couple of contest entries for a laptop skin contest over on DeviantArt- here's the submissions:

Back to School: Mechanism by =Winneganfake on deviantART

Back to School: Reanimation by =Winneganfake on deviantART
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Well, my bnirthday happens in seven days, and given that, I figured I should be giving everyone a reason to celebrate.

So, for the next seven days or so, until just after my birthday, I'm running a horder of sales.

First off, over on Redbubble, all of my t-shirt designs have now had 10% knocked off the price!

I've also done the same thing for four of my own personal favorite prints on DeviantArt:

(Just click any of those images to go to their respective ordering pages.

And finally, there's the Really BIG sale bit-I'm taking five bucks off the Windrow-Ravenswood Deck. That's right- for those who haven't grabbed the nigh-infamous deck yet, or just want an extra copy, you can grab one for the next few days for only fifteen bucks. Just hit the link above or the animation below to go grab a copy.

Other than that, well, enjoy the next week! I know I will be.


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