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Legends of Zork, it was nice knowing you. After leveling up my character to level 42, I'm just plain realizing that it's not worth it anymore. It's grind, grind, and nothing but grind, with gleeful teases of story to it that culminate in nothing. Throw in the repetitive as shit graphics, the lack of well...anything other than the simple ease of click-click-click to play... and yeah. I'm trying to figure out why I spent this long with it. I mean seriously, is it really so hard for there to be an actual online game I'd fucking like? Is it so bad to want immersive storytelling? Characters with depth? Actual adventure instead of grinding my way through nothing but onslaughts of lemmingbeasts? This should not be tough, people. Hell, I'd love a browser-based experience that delivered. In fact, I'd willingly thank anyone who could recommend me a game that satisfies the following:

1. Doesn't require a video card. I has not one. Hell the graphics don't have to be much, just interesting.

2. STORY. I want a nice thick level of backstory, plot, subplots, world detail, all of it.

3. Characters- I want to interact. Better yet, I want to ACT. I want my character's actions in the world to actually mean something in the world of the game at large. Or at least to mean more than just ganking yet another brogmoid in the swamps for XP to level up again for NO REASON WHATSOEVER.

Is that really too much to fucking ask? Do I really just need to hide in my hole with my PSX emulation and a bunch of old adventure titles, and mourn the death of storyline in gaming?
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So, I found a cool thing this morning, or at least, I'd thought I had.

Meet the PMOG, or Passively Multiplayer Online Game. It's a nice little browser-driven (firefox only, and that's with an installed extension) game with a steampunky flair. The basic concept is racking up XP/levels by browsing unique pages, leaving tools, traps, etc around for others with the extension to find. There's even the ability to create quests for other players.

At this point, I'm interested- a game our home system's guaranteed to run with no huge issues, and I can play it while simply browsing around and doing some of my nightly routine! Sounds like fun.

Fun, that is, until I made the mistake of checking the forums on PMOG's site out, just to see what players are saying about stuff. The Strategy section? Full of nothing but fucking point farmers- with working methods for generating themselves tons of points per day by bending the ToS (and a few scripts) as much as possible. And, since the system's point-driven, it means they can pretty much dominate most aspects of the game. For someone (like myself) who wants to just play it and actually play within the normal bounds of the game, that's pretty fucking daunting. And, it's nearly unsold me on downloading it tonight.

Does no-one actually play online games just to [play the fucking game itself any longer? Or am I just insane for immediately disliking going out of the way to find new and interesting ways to cheat the game itself?

I'll take another serving of single player, please, just so I don't have to sit next to those bastards.
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Forgot to mention this one yesterday, but Tormented Artifacts managed to get featured on Ectoplasmosis! Go here to check it out.

And for those not familiar with it, Ectoplasmosis is definitely a worthwhile blog to keep on your feedlists. Lots of steampunk, fashion, cthuloids, and other visual treats on a daily basis.

On the bad news, these are the things topping the list of HATE at the moment: Exhaustion, Illness, check fraud, power shutoff notices, credit lenders, and allergies. In no particular order.
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Hates it when projects end.

I've now gone and managed to get copies of all the 70171 tracks downloaded from Mperia. At least I still have those. And I will find later hosting for them in the future. Just not right now on top of everything else.

Sigh. '07 was supposed to be a better year for me. At least I'd hoped that'd be the case.
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Thankfully, my boss interceded with my manager on my behalf, and I took the day off. Spent most of it puttering around the house to take care of things, along with a few renders. This means I now have tomorrow evening cleared to do wrinting type stuff while [ profile] plaidbrat's off at bellydance practice. Phew. Feeling better for the most part, too- (knock on wood) I seem to be mostly over the cold/lungcrap of last week now.

Anyways, to show off what I did today, here's the last four uploads to DeviantArt, three of which were done today:

Venting by Moonlight

Beneath the Deathmask (Bad attempts at gore here. Forgive me, I'm still learning.)

Dark Bronze Abstract

The Castle, 4 AM.

OK, that's enough for one day. I'ma go bed now.
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Seems I'm posting a lot about pains lately, of varying types and natures. Today though, it's just all physical.

The Cause? We have some new furniture- managed to find a kickass bookshelf to replace one of our smaller ones and a utility cabinet-thingie for 12 bucks at a nearby garage sale. This was, of course, in addition to a bookshelf we'd already promised a friend we'd take off her hands. So 2 new bookshelves and the cabinet thingie. All of which had to be fit into the living room. Well, after several hours of sweat, dust, more dust, cleaning, hauling, lifiting objects that weigh far more than they should, etc. It's done. For the first time in a long long time, WE HAVE SHELF SPACE!!!!!!!

And I have a hurting shoulder. again. Right side, everything from the neck down into the elbow. OOOOOWWWWWWWWW......


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