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Just finished off the latest batch of updates for Tormented Artifacts. Wanna see the new pretties?

And last, but not least....

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Just finished the most annoying update I've done yet for Tormented Artifacts. Annoying, mostly because the site's too big for them to take the upload in a single zip file anymore, and their FTP method doesn't allow me to grab a bunch of files at once- just one, by one, BY ONE.

Finally just broke the damn thing up in four zips to get it all up. Ugh.
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Sigh. I think I've got it all the way finished. The question is, do I upload it now, and start promoting the hell out of it on a sunday, or do I wait for a more auspicious day later in the week. Better question- when would be a more auspicious day to upload it?

Fuckit. Why put off tomorrow.... yaddayaddayaddayadda.
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The mask gallery is now complete. Still waiting on more images for other pages for it, but I've finished everything that I had photos for. Now for the gasmasks.
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Ok, time to show off another graphic-y bit from the new site. Check out a piece of the new masks menu:

And yes, there should be at least two more thumbnails on this bar. See my last post for why they're not there yet.
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Argh. Gone through all the photos, and created the new menus for Tormented Artifacts, only to look over the results, and say to myself....

Two major photoshoots, and I have only twelve designs with enough pics to put up on the site? WTF????

I need a photog and models stat. Anyone available in the near (month or so) future?
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Ok- as many of you are already aware, I'm busy with building the new site update for Tormented Artifacts. This of course, means I also get to go through all the current links and update them. So, if you've got something you'd like me to give a shout out to, time to let me know about it. here's the categories I'm putting stuff into- if you've got something that falls into one of these, then please, let me know.

Photographers- I'll be posting links to photographers that have provided me with pictures of my stock, or of models wearing my stock. Right now, I have one photographer on that list who's done this in an official capacity. So, if you're not my main photographer, and you've got pics of my stuff, then please, let me know, send me some images, and above all, send me a link to your site, so I can give credit where it's due.

Models- same as the photogs- if you've been shot wearing my stuff, I'll definitely throw you a link. I'll be going through my own stuff to find links for the lot of you, but if you've got something specific you'd prefer I use, then please, let me know.

Artists, Crafters, Businesses, Other Vendors- If we've done an event together, then yes, I'll probably be willing to throw you a link, just do me the courtesy of linking back to me as well, please. And yes, if you want to be linked, you need to let me know- there's a few people I'm linking by default, but better if you don't take your chances and just post up here and let me know.

Events- I'll be linking to as many past, current, and future T/A events as possible- if you're an organizer for one of these, especially any of the distant past events, please let me know if you've still got a current website I can link up to.

Ok. I think that covers all the main categories. If you've got something that doesn't fall into these, throw me a link anyways- I'll at least check it out, and may put up a link on the site to it as well.


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