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Ladies, and gentlemen, I am officially drunk.

thankfully, looking over my friendslist, I'm not the only one.

More updates and pictures tomorrow, when I'm home from work and sober.

In the meantime, I have to be awake at 6am. That, is truly an indication of something wrong with the world.
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What if Elvis had been Oberon in mortal guise?

Ok, people. Last call for alcohol, because tonight is BEER NIGHT. 8pm, at the Tin Hat in Ballard. (you know, maybe a block away from Slave to the Needle?) Anyone else up for joining us?
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Note to self: Working out in the morning good. Must start fighting mulletdwarf on a daily basis again.

So, tomorrow night's the beer/birthday night for myself. 8pm at the Tin Hat in ballard- anyone else up for joining us? It's just beer- it's not like it's going to bite. Admittedly, the lights in there are a bit brighter than those in most of the clubs, and the deafening music is actually scaled back a little to the point where conversation can actually be had, so you'll all actually have to see and talk to each other instead of posing gracefully, but hey, we all make sacrifices, yes?

Lemme know if you're coming though, so we can grab an appropriately-sized table, ok?
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Thinking about that birthday of mine.

So, is anyone interested in Joining me on Friday night for a celebratory drink? If so, then speak up, please, because at this rate, I may just invest the BEER ME fund in a few 12 packs for home abuse.

So, anyone? Anyone? Friday? 8pm? At the Tin Hat?
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Time for the birthday beer report.

So far, 12 beers have been pre-purchased towards the evening, all of which happened on the first day I posted this thing. Wow. That also means that the camera's definitely coming with me when I go out that night. I may have to put in a couple other incentives though, just to see what happens.... maybe a table dance at 30 or 40 beers?

Anyways, if you want to buy me a beer for my birthday, and won't be able to make the actual celebration, just hit the button below.

For those who can and do want to make the party though, looks like it'll be on Friday, August 11th. Location will probably be the Tin Hat, in ballard. As for time, I'm still trying to figure that one out. Probably not until after 8pm at the least. Anyone interested?
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Ok, I've come to a decision about my birthday. Or specifically, what'll be going on for activities that day. It's really pretty simple.

I don't get to go out for beers these days. Part finances, part lack of time, part whatever. But anyways, that's what I want to do for my birthday. So, the night of August 11th (since I know nobody's going to want to go out for drinks on the 13th, my actual birthday.) shall henceforth be Beers Night! I still need to figure out location though, and I'm open to suggestions. Needs to be a good sit-down place, maybe some pool tables, with a good selection of brews. It also needs to be somewhat quiet. I want beer and conversation, not the ear-bleeding volume of a club or live show making it impossible for me to even hear someone yelling. So, yeah- beer. Talking. No special presents or anything else required. Anyone up for it? Anyone got a good idea of where?

Also, I decided to do something else a bit odd- if you wanted to come along, or just buy me a beer, and can't because of schedule/distance/whatever, just use the button below- It goes into the account set aside just for Beer Night. And yes, I will drink a number of beers equal to the number of beers purchased with that button- if you want to get me blotto, just keep pushing the damn thing. More than ten go in there, and I'll make sure to bring the camera and post pictures, since I'm sure drunken stupidity will occur at that point.


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