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Both so I can share, and so I can clear out some browser tabs at the same time, here- have some stuff I'm currently geeking over:

First off, good old Uncle Warren has declared it to be Webcomics Week over on his well-defended chunk of the web. If you make a webcomic, go promote yourself. If you like reading webcomics, and consume archives whole like some kind of bizarre digital crack, like I do, go check out the listings from folks, it could be worthwhile.

Secondly, Abney Park's new album is now finally available for purchase as a digital download. I'd be squeeing like a fanboy and blasting it over the speakers right now... had I the cash to drop on it. Need to move some more decks this week so I can get my hands on it.

And then there's this
. The article's kind of meh, mostly because I keep having this reaction of "What? Damn near everyone in my circles these days is a Jack or Jill of at least some to most trades, if not all." So either I'm failing to see the relevance, or a lot of you have been specializing behind my back- discuss.

And finally, if you didn't vote today... well, it's too late now. I'll resist the urge to label you non-voters as Stooges of the Enemy until a later date. Improve thyselves in the meantime.

Ok, picture post coming later, whilst I'm in between worky bits.

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All right, there's just too many links piling up the the general bookmarks tab- so, I figured I'd share a few whilst cleaning stuff out. Needless to say, some of this is definitely not worksafe.

Thanks to Warren Ellis, I got treated to this lovely little gem early this morning, before the coffee had even started working. The man is an utter bastard, I tell you.

...ok. the fact that there's a TRON version of the kama sutra... Well, I'm not sure whether to file that under awesome, frightening, or just a touch too geeky. You be the judge.

The Age of City-states is once more likely upon us. I look forward to this. If nothing else, because I'm sick of people in the middle states attempting to decide our morality for us. Next bastard that tries that, I want to be able to walk over and personally punch him in the nuts.

Allie Brosh, author of the famed Hyperbole-And-A-Half, brings out another good one, in the form of this little article- a simple 5 tips for spicing up your sex life.

And finally, others have said it already, but here we go: Goons in space. The End Times are indeed upon us.
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Links for the general enjoyment:

[ profile] rimrunner's serial Halloween fiction, The Thinning Veil can be found here, and it's definitely worth the time to go read and follow for the rest of the month.

Bill Geerhart's rather interesting letter project, aka "Dear Charles Manson," is also definitely worth a read.

veryone needs to play with this. Though I think I'm scared to see the movie itself.

Useful research here- the database of native plantlife for Washington state. Found mostly because, well, moving into a house, gardening, etc.

Speaking of halloween, and listening and such, here, have a trip down amnesia lane: Relic Radio, which has tons of old radio broadcasts and such. definitely worth a listen.

Even better- here. Have an mp3 of the one broadcast that scared the shit out of everyone one Halloween night.
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Choose your own Apocalypse. I'm a bit disappointed by the lack of Cthulhu's rising from the depths, or takeover by gibbering zombies. That said, it's a fun toy for five minutes or so.

Oh, and while I'm at it, there's a new steampunk feature article by yours truly up on DeviantArt's news section- go check it out!
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Tesla Motors to open up a Seattle store. Which means, this weekend, you could test-drive a $101,500 electric car.

Why I will not play your fucking Facebook game. Aside from not wanting to spend that much time on that site in the first place.

70 reasons to buy handmade, part the first. (yes, I am on this kick lately- support your local artisans!)
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Look, there's being on fire for Jesus, and then there's being on fire, for Jesus. I still don't think they meant you take it literally.

Also, we have invented our own downfall. at this point it simulates the pleasure level of eating a "delicious pastry." Law enforcement officials will all be dead from abuse of the thing in days once it hits market.

Looking for a cheaper e-book reader? I think I want it. Not sure, especially since there's now wireless, but then again, no guarantee I'd be using the wireless aspect for much on a Kindle anyways.

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Still waking up over here- so have some links in the meantime:

It's Bacon! It's mayo! It's nothing less than pure awesome in a jar! IIIIIIIIIIIIIIT'S BACONNAISE!

Interference Inc's newest: The Interactive Mirror. I'd probably never leave the bathroom again.

I don't know why I get obsessed with Urban vinyl designs, especialy since I don't own any (for fear that the kidlet would immediately take them over!) These are pretty tempting, though. And useful!

I could care less if I never use pens any longer, favoring sharpies and markers instead- I still want one of these. Mostly because if I'm going to blow 20K on something utterly frivolous, it might as well be something TRULY frivolous.

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As far as online sketch programs go, I love the aesthetics on this one the best so far. Just a fun style of lines and colors to use.

Grow some jewelry. Personally, I can't get past the concept of punching someone in the jaw with a set of grassy knuckles.

Palin As President.
Calm down- it's a comic flash site, not a campaign update.

All Day I Dream about Sneakers. My techno-shoe-fetish is understood. Hallelujah.

If it's not already painfully apparent that I'm studying more design stuff, here's some further proof of weird stuff that now turns my brain on: Web Without Words.



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