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Ok, obviously, I'm not going to be at Comic-con this year. However, for anyone who is, bring me a set of these, and my geeky heart may just explode in a fit of pure joy:

Yes. Lightsaber chopsticks. I am indeed that much of a geek.
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One other thing. Among more recent purchases before the whole "Nope, not gonna buy anything more!" resolution was a battered old copy of one of my favorite pieces of gaming nostalgia. Specifically, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness, by Palladium. God, this takes me back. One of the first few RPG's I ever played, and without a doubt, one of the more fun.

part of me really wants to start up a compaign. Or a one-shot or two. Or something.
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Two other things.

One: I want this watch. It's blocky, it looks like it came out of the Buck Rogers TV series, and it probably weighs a ton. MUST. HAVE.

Two: I now have in my possession a beta copy of The Cog Wars. Anyone wanna try for a pick-up game next weekish?
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I'm probably alone in this, but I'm officially loving The Lost Room. It's Unknown Armies, albeit in a talismanic, condensed for TV format. Hot. Damn.
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I just inherited a 2600.

It's true. My parents found it lying in storage, and dropped it off on their recent visit here. Along with a stack of cartridges. The thing used to work perfectly. At least, it did when it went into storage, I imagine the worst problem it has right now is dust-related if anything, I haven't yet unboxed it to check.

I'm just wondering what to do with the thing. Pick up an RF adapter from somewhere (I'm pretty sure there's no way to connect it to the TV otherwise, since our TV has no antenna out or anything similar.) and go for some all-out old-school gaming? Ebay it? (What's a functioning, original-gen 2600 worth these days?) Shove it into storage to torment my kids with when they're older? I need some opinions here, I think.
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Ok, I think I officially like this thing called Mozilla Firefox. Twice as fast as IE, and so far,no issues loading any of my usual stuff.

This discovery brought to you by the fact that IE now runs so slow on our system that it might as well be crashing.
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So, for those Silent Hill fans out there who didn't catch it when I mentioned the Silent Hill: No Escape project before, there's actually a fairly well done SH fan film out there. Anyways, the guy responsible for No Escape has now also released a BitTorrent containing a DVD_burnable version of the film (with all six parts combined, I'm hoping) for free download. If you like it, definitely throw him some donations for support, simply because fan projects like this need to continue.
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Ok, it's on-


Silent Hill

Metro Cinema, 12:20 pm. Anyone else in?


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