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Just click the image to go see it on Tormented Artifacts, and read through the fun description and such. Or you can visit it over here on DeviantArt.
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All right- given that we're going to be buried under the waves of all the big-box store advertising soon, I figure it's a good idea to start doing this a bit early this year.

What is this? This is a chance for all of you artists, crafters, and other Makers of Stuff to give people a good look at what you've got for sale for the holiday season. Much like [personal profile] benchilada's Big Shill posts. I don't have as huge a readership, but this sucker is going to get crossposted or linked to both my main journals, DeviantArt, Twitter, Facebook, the works- there's some exposure there, especially if other people start spreading the word, which I heartily encourage.

So, what do you do here? Head into the comments, and pimp your stuff. Tell us what you make. Tell us what would be great stocking stuffers that you do. Tell us what'd be good presents to buy from you. And most of all, make sure to both show us pictures, and include a link to where we can buy your stuff at. It's that simple.

There's only a couple of rules I ask you to follow.

1. Respect people's browsers- no images bigger than 800x600, and no more than ten images.

2. If you post a comment in here, I'm not going to ask you to repost this whole thing and do it in your own journal, but I will ask that you at least help spread the word about this and share the link to this entry around.

3. One comment. You get ONE. Do not spam this space with multiple comments pimping your stuff. Replies to people are fine, but keep your pimpage to just one comment space.
I'll pop my own entry for this stuff behind the cut )
And that's my entry. Easy stuff, no? Now, it's your turn. Put in your comment, and let's start making sure that people remember that independent artists can make gifts that're a whole lot better than anything you'll grab from the big stores.

Crosspost/Linked Locations:

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All right. As a good many of you know, in addition to other jobs, I also curate the Night Kitchen's art gallery space.

And we're in need of more art and artists. So please, if you've got time, grab the text below this and help spread it around, please!


Attention artists and photographers!

The Night Kitchen is looking for more artists willing to showcase their work in our fabulous restaurant, and we're taking open submissions for work. What are we looking for? Interesting, eye-grabbing art of just about any nature. (keep in mind, this is a public restaraunt, while nude work will be considered, please, do not submit work including exposed genitalia, or anything of an outright pornographic nature)

To submit your work, please, send an email to Your email must include the words "artist submission" in the title.

What do we want to see in that email? A quick description of who you are and what kind of work you do would be excellent. Your location would also be preferred (note: Seattle artists will be given a preference, as we'd like to display local artists). A link to your website or online portfolio is absolutely required- please do not send us attachments- just stick to the link, we'll go check it out. If you've got questions or any other concerns, please include them as well- we'll do our best to be upfront in answering things.


Ok, that's the text. And some of you other folk that I know are currently reading this? If you're wondering whether or not you should submit your stuff, let me answer this right now. Yes. You should. Before I come bugging you for it.
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Ok, folks, time for the big friday sale announcement!

To start with,
the Big Halloween Thing is still going on, of course- for those not familiar and not feeling like link chasing, that's the part where I've announce that all the free shipping on mask orders I normally do will be coming to an end after this Halloween. Which means, if you want a mask, grab it now, before the shipping charges happens! Click the poster ad to go hit and start grabbing:

Secondly, I've decided to go ahead and knock 10% off on the still-newish Mechanism design over on Redbubble for this weekend only-

Thirdly, I'm doing the exact same deal over on DeviantArt with these two prints:
Again, just click either one to go to the ordering page. Plus, since DeviantArt's, currently running a discount on framing, it's an even better time to grab something framed, should you want to get all fancy and such!
And finally, if you haven't caught it on twitter or facebook, if you've been wanting to try on some masks, or grab a copy of the WIndrow-Ravenswood deck in person, and don't want to wait until Mourning Market on the 17th, You can! Monster Art and Clothing in Ballard is now carrying both some masks and the deck, just in time for Halloween! If you're in the area this weekend, make sure to go check them out! 
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Ok, it's no laptop skin.

But that said, it does make a damned pretty t-shit:

Available as of now in a lot more styles than just women's , and in the full range of colors.

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Liek woah, dude. Can haz prepaid subscription, feature, small amount of respect, and other such goodness? Wow.

Yes, I'm in shock enough over getting awarded this that I'm reduced to lol-cat speak.

(And as a side note: [ profile] mahariel? This is exactly the kind of stuff I was talking about in reference to DeviantArt.)
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Some shit, I should just plain not have to wake up to first thing in the morning. Like this:

Go on, click the picture to see all the horror.

Now, don't get me wrong- I hit psdtuts almost daily to see the latest stuff. And ususally, they run some great, useful tutorials. This is definitely not one of those.

What pisses me off about it? Well, for one, it's shit-poor composition as far as aesthetic goes- there is zero relevance for anything going on there- stuff is stuck in simply beacuse it's steampunk. Hate that when it happens in jewelry, crafts, and costume design, and I hate the stick-a-cog-on-it-and-call-it-steampunk attitude just as much here. And some of it's got no sense whatsoever- a modern lightbulb and wattage meter?

Fucking research your damn genre before you design for it. Also research your stocks better if you truly must photomanip- importing a mustache just looks downright terrible on close inspection. I fail to believe that there was no such thing as a decent stock image that already had a mustache, if one was so necessary.

All that is not what truly pisses me off, however- it's more the fact that all of this put together, even though it's going to teach some people some good basic photoshop skills, is also going to tell people that something this poor is perfectly fine. GAH!
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So, the final results, as they are:

Yes. Goal was hit. Solidly hit. Which is a good thing, since they also decided to increase the pricing on the laptop (well, on getting a screen that'll do normal resolution, plus the extra gouges for tax & shipping). At any rate, new laptop on order, and due to arrive around the end of the month (which is a good thing, considering this beast overheated twice last night.)

And also, I need to throw a thank you to one guy who gave the largest donation, and put things up to the final goal: Tom Savage, a fellow artist over on DeviantArt- I'm going to be doing some collaborative works with him in the future, and in the meantime, check out some of his own work:

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And now, the aforementioned progress bar:

Since the post on Thursday, it's managed to just break past $150.00 Thank you everyone for that.

So, it's down to a final 24 hour push- if you can throw anything in the hat, I'd love you for doing so. If not, then not. Anyways, here's the magic button one final time:

And also, to start with the giving back, something for everyone- two new desktops. Well, remixes of earlier pieces- one for size, and another for color.

Cell Wall: Inverted Wallpaper by =Winneganfake on deviantART

Memory of Flight: Wallpaper by =Winneganfake on deviantART

And again, thank you, everyone.
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OK, it's down to the end of things- between now and Sunday morning is the last chance for donations towards the hardware stuff. I'll post the updated graph on Saturday morning, but as of right now, it hasn't changed much from before.

Which means I can get stuff saved, but once this laptop dies, I'm not going to be capable of doing any new digital work. Not print-grade. Again, if you can't help out by donating, then I've just got one simple request- spread the word, please. Let other people know about this. Not that I expect total strangers to necessarily care, but hey, it's worth a shot at least.

So, here's the button again:

Once more, if all you've got is two bucks that you want to donate, I won't say no. And all the stuff from before still stands as well- I hate getting something for nothing.
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So, I must admit, I've been rather pleasantly surprised by the results of the donation drive thus far. In just two days, well, excuse the crudity of this model, as it isn't to scale, but here:

That's right. damn near a fifth of the way there. As for why I'm reposting now, well, its friday. I figured this would be a good chance to get a reminder in for the weekend. If you missed the earlier post about this, well, here's the link. Otherwise, if you haven't donated yet, and want to, even just a couple of bucks, here's the button again:

And thanks to everyone who's donated thus far. Seriously- you guys are great. All of you.
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All right. So, here it comes.

I fucking hate begging. That said, I'm in a serious bind- my laptop's dying, and while my unemployment check is coming in, it's certainly not enough to support buying new hardware. Neither are the few sales currently coming in from Tormented Artifacts. And I desperately need to get a new machine soon, so that I can get stuff transferred over instead of losing everything for good again. And it has to be a new machine, as [ profile] plaidbrat's desktop just plain doesn't have the space, memory, or processor for doing the kind of digital artwork I've been doing lately, or for storing and working on all the Tormented Artifacts site and promo stuff, not to mention having to split time between the two of u to get anything accomplished- which pretty much means that nothing gets accomplished.

So, here's the thing where I need help. I'm putting up a donation button. I'm not expecting anyone to pop in twenty or two hundred dollars or anything, but if you've got two bucks, and you like the artwork I've been doing lately (or if you want me to finally shut up about all this), then hit the button. Alternatively, if you're in similar straits to me, then don't hit the buton- just copy the link to this post and spread it around some. I'll be posting it over to my other spots as it is, but getting the word out always helps.

So, in short, if you like stuff like this:
or this:

And want to see more of it, or if you want to keep seeing Tormented Artifacts at different events and such, then hit this button:

Also, some other info on this:

1. No, this isn't getting used for personal expenses. It's not smokes and booze money- the only way this stuff is getting used is to get the new hardware I need to keep going.

2. How long are you going to be doing this for? Probably about a month. Future updates on this will, of course, be a hell of a lot shorter. If I hit my goal before then, it'll end sooner.

3. Ok, so what is your goal? About $500. That covers a new laptop that'll do what I need, and an external USB drive for doing the future transfer and backup work. If I don't hit goal, then what money I do collect gets used for hardware still- if I can break a hundred, it'll be sued for just an external drive, so I can get everything backed up for later. Break three hundred, and I can grab a simple netbook so I can at least stay online, keep promoting stuff, and keep events and such going. Break four, and I can grab the laptop I need, and just get the drive later on.

4. OK, so, what if you somehow beat your goal? If that happens, or if I have to go with one of the lesser goals and have money leftover from the donations, then I plan on giving stuff back. Hell, if I can I'd like to do that even if I hit goal exactly with no money left over. So here's the biggest part of things: If you donate, you'll get something back for it. I can't guarantee what it'll be- maybe something from Tormented Artifacts. Maybe something of mine that I think you'll enjoy. Maybe something else. At any rate- if you donate, give me your mailing address in the blank. You'll get something back for it.

Any questions? Comments? Anything? Let me know. Or, just hit the button:

And kick in what you can- I'd definitely appreciate it, if nothing else, and it hopefully gets me one good step closer to future employment/arts work.
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This, then is my madness.

Twelve hours, caught and bound in leather and paper. In brass and bone and blood and paint and ink, they lie bound.

Bound, they move, and each turning creates further patterns to the hours themselves.

Moving in time to the restless heartbeat of the clock contained inside.

This, then, is madness. Is prophecy. Is the culmination of knowledge and art and skill.

This, then, is the Book of Lost Hours.

Yes, folks, that's right- the Book is now live on the Tormented Artifacts site. Tell your friends, tell your favorite review blogs, art columns, news sites, and anywhere else you think it might do some good.)


Jul. 1st, 2007 09:44 am
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Well, I did it. 100 deviants now up on DeviantArt. Here's the latest, for anyone that's curious:

Digital Art

White Curls

New Digital Religion

Shadows and Light

Squatters Poster Design

I'll Swallow your Soul

#100! The Scrying Pool

I even ended up putting two of the LXB designs up on DeviantArt as well, for those who missed the earlier post about it:

The LXB Classic Logo

LXB- The Honored Alumni

You'll notice one other thing- there's now a lot more prints available in my DeviantArt print shop. Been doing more and more stuff that I'd like to see hanging on my own walls at least. That is, if we had any wallspace left around here.


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