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Ok, the first Long Stair project post just went up. As a reminder to others- if you want to see the stuff for that, you need to let me know. 
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Well, they haven't finished voting yet, but it looks like I may be getting the job on converting a big ol' stack of game setting notes into a workable PDF.

If so, it means I've got a good bit of work ahead of me. As it is, I'm probably going to be asking around for opinions on some general book design stuff- mostly issues of composition, rather than rules design, though some of that may come into play as well. Anyways, I'll be nice and keep that stuff on a filter, and while there's some people who probably won't escape being put on it regardless of what they say, (Levi, I'm looking at you here) I'm going to give you lot the chance to opt in if you want.

So, anyone want to be in on the new game design filter? (Also, please note- those of you in the industry/industries who cant see this kind of stuff due to legal reasons, please mention it now, so I make sure to leave you out of the filter.)
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So, folks, speaking of projects, here's a question, especially for you console gamers out there.

16-bit generation: What if anything, especially defined RPGs for you guys on the 16bit machines when you played them? (Super NES, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, those systems) What elements did you feel were key to the games?
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What is it about games that are little more than slugfests that so appeals to my brain?

Example. My brain's been playing around with the idea of kaiju lately, as in a kaiju RPG of some kind. Of course, it doesn't help that I was finally tracking down some of my bookmarks from a previous computer and ran into the official Kaiju Big Battel website.

Sigh. Just something about giant rubbery monsters and robots wrestling about that gets hooked on my brain. Ah well.
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Line stuck in my head. maybe a setting concept in here somewhere.

"The tunnels were all we ever knew. Miles and miles of them, stretching from the dangerous Room of Ent On, to the deepness of Bas'm't, from which the dark things come."
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My God.... it's full of MIMES?
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Did this up for a post-apocalyptic RPG as a bit of pro-bono practice. Anyways, check it out, any critiques, etc are as always, more than welcome.

Snow, Silence, Thunder )


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