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Time for an update on DeviantArt stuff, since I haven't posted any of that up here in a bit. Anyways, here's the latest:

Digital Art/Wallpapers

Other Worlds

The Fire-Cage

Plasma Sphere

Off the board, into the void

Graphic Design and Masks

Tormented Artifacts Business Card design

The Nurse

Mizu, "Water"


Snow, Silence, Thunder
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Also, I've been bad about updating the DeviantArt stuff lately, so here's the last few things I've put up:

The Blackglass Effect, 2.0

Movement in the Shadows

5 phases, 5 days, part 1: Discovery (Yeah, I'm posting some text up on DA as well.)

Metal Dusk
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The Derelict

It started simply enough.

My brother Micah and I had gone ice-mining, hopefully to find some of the crystallized hydrogen that tradeships would pay good money for. We'd set up for a two week expedition, loaded our icerigger with supplies for two weeks and set out. It was a week later, on the northern edge of the Fordin icebergs, that we found the derelict.

An old, First Empire Starship. Just big enough for ten, though it could be run by a single person. Completely abandoned. The outside had been scarred by weather and the slight acidity of the waters, but otherwise, it was intact. A day later, we had the docking seal opened. Everything was still in order, no signs as to why the crew would have left something like this behind. The only thing missing was fuel, but a jumpstart from the hydrogen crystals we carried already.....

And DevArt's new embedding system is apparently not compatible with LJ, despite whatever it says in that code-string. Argh.
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Game report: Friday night went well.

Life report: I think part of what's been exhausting and depressing me during the week is the lack of time/energy to do much creative. Hopefully this will start turning around soon as I get more adjusted to stuff.

Work report: Job's going well. I'm evidently two weeks ahead of the training schedule at this point, despite this being one of the four busy seasons, when everyone's usually slammed with processing quarterly taxes.

Art report: Posted two new wallpapers last night. Been working with Bryce for short renders during the week and sprucing them in Photoshop on the weekends.

Blackglass Effect
Glass Heilixing

Today, it'll be a walk to the grocery store with the kidlet, followed by shifts of cleaning and packing at [ profile] inaurolillium's, alternating with cleaning up notes from Friday's session and some freelance writing.
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Oh, there's another desktop eady for download.

I swear, one of these days, I'll remember to start hosting thumbs on photobucket so you can see it before clicking through to DevArt.
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Gah. Ok, fuck you and your silly "takes 6 hours plus for doing the lower-end render." I'm calling it a night.

At least I finished off another 4 barrios. 2 and a half to go.

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Dear fucking God.

How long can one goddamned render take???
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Well, I managed to finish up another wallpaper design. Go check it out!
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Ok, I'll admit it. I started fooling around with some photoshop tutorials again. Came up with a few new desktops, which I've posted over on my DeviantArt (I mean, OMGIMANATTENTIONWHORE.COM) account. Go check 'em out and add some comments/critiques, if'n ya want to.


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