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So, the final results, as they are:

Yes. Goal was hit. Solidly hit. Which is a good thing, since they also decided to increase the pricing on the laptop (well, on getting a screen that'll do normal resolution, plus the extra gouges for tax & shipping). At any rate, new laptop on order, and due to arrive around the end of the month (which is a good thing, considering this beast overheated twice last night.)

And also, I need to throw a thank you to one guy who gave the largest donation, and put things up to the final goal: Tom Savage, a fellow artist over on DeviantArt- I'm going to be doing some collaborative works with him in the future, and in the meantime, check out some of his own work:

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And now, the aforementioned progress bar:

Since the post on Thursday, it's managed to just break past $150.00 Thank you everyone for that.

So, it's down to a final 24 hour push- if you can throw anything in the hat, I'd love you for doing so. If not, then not. Anyways, here's the magic button one final time:

And also, to start with the giving back, something for everyone- two new desktops. Well, remixes of earlier pieces- one for size, and another for color.

Cell Wall: Inverted Wallpaper by =Winneganfake on deviantART

Memory of Flight: Wallpaper by =Winneganfake on deviantART

And again, thank you, everyone.
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OK, it's down to the end of things- between now and Sunday morning is the last chance for donations towards the hardware stuff. I'll post the updated graph on Saturday morning, but as of right now, it hasn't changed much from before.

Which means I can get stuff saved, but once this laptop dies, I'm not going to be capable of doing any new digital work. Not print-grade. Again, if you can't help out by donating, then I've just got one simple request- spread the word, please. Let other people know about this. Not that I expect total strangers to necessarily care, but hey, it's worth a shot at least.

So, here's the button again:

Once more, if all you've got is two bucks that you want to donate, I won't say no. And all the stuff from before still stands as well- I hate getting something for nothing.
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...and the donation drive still continues- no significant change since Friday, so no splashy updated donation bar graphic or anything. At this point, I'll probably close things down on Saturday or Sunday- there's at least enough already to do the external drive and get everything backed up- so, at least stuff will be saved for later use, even if I do end up without a system to use it on for now. Things move forward. I'll probably post again about things on thursday or friday, just to hopefully catch the last stragglers before closing down, but otherwise, that's the last you'll hear of the donation drive. And in the meantime, I'll just hang this out again:

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So, I must admit, I've been rather pleasantly surprised by the results of the donation drive thus far. In just two days, well, excuse the crudity of this model, as it isn't to scale, but here:

That's right. damn near a fifth of the way there. As for why I'm reposting now, well, its friday. I figured this would be a good chance to get a reminder in for the weekend. If you missed the earlier post about this, well, here's the link. Otherwise, if you haven't donated yet, and want to, even just a couple of bucks, here's the button again:

And thanks to everyone who's donated thus far. Seriously- you guys are great. All of you.
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All right. So, here it comes.

I fucking hate begging. That said, I'm in a serious bind- my laptop's dying, and while my unemployment check is coming in, it's certainly not enough to support buying new hardware. Neither are the few sales currently coming in from Tormented Artifacts. And I desperately need to get a new machine soon, so that I can get stuff transferred over instead of losing everything for good again. And it has to be a new machine, as [ profile] plaidbrat's desktop just plain doesn't have the space, memory, or processor for doing the kind of digital artwork I've been doing lately, or for storing and working on all the Tormented Artifacts site and promo stuff, not to mention having to split time between the two of u to get anything accomplished- which pretty much means that nothing gets accomplished.

So, here's the thing where I need help. I'm putting up a donation button. I'm not expecting anyone to pop in twenty or two hundred dollars or anything, but if you've got two bucks, and you like the artwork I've been doing lately (or if you want me to finally shut up about all this), then hit the button. Alternatively, if you're in similar straits to me, then don't hit the buton- just copy the link to this post and spread it around some. I'll be posting it over to my other spots as it is, but getting the word out always helps.

So, in short, if you like stuff like this:
or this:

And want to see more of it, or if you want to keep seeing Tormented Artifacts at different events and such, then hit this button:

Also, some other info on this:

1. No, this isn't getting used for personal expenses. It's not smokes and booze money- the only way this stuff is getting used is to get the new hardware I need to keep going.

2. How long are you going to be doing this for? Probably about a month. Future updates on this will, of course, be a hell of a lot shorter. If I hit my goal before then, it'll end sooner.

3. Ok, so what is your goal? About $500. That covers a new laptop that'll do what I need, and an external USB drive for doing the future transfer and backup work. If I don't hit goal, then what money I do collect gets used for hardware still- if I can break a hundred, it'll be sued for just an external drive, so I can get everything backed up for later. Break three hundred, and I can grab a simple netbook so I can at least stay online, keep promoting stuff, and keep events and such going. Break four, and I can grab the laptop I need, and just get the drive later on.

4. OK, so, what if you somehow beat your goal? If that happens, or if I have to go with one of the lesser goals and have money leftover from the donations, then I plan on giving stuff back. Hell, if I can I'd like to do that even if I hit goal exactly with no money left over. So here's the biggest part of things: If you donate, you'll get something back for it. I can't guarantee what it'll be- maybe something from Tormented Artifacts. Maybe something of mine that I think you'll enjoy. Maybe something else. At any rate- if you donate, give me your mailing address in the blank. You'll get something back for it.

Any questions? Comments? Anything? Let me know. Or, just hit the button:

And kick in what you can- I'd definitely appreciate it, if nothing else, and it hopefully gets me one good step closer to future employment/arts work.


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