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OK, the short report on the weekend.

Con was good. good for business and great to see a bunch of people I haven't seen in a good long while. The bad side? I'm fucking exhausted. Constantly feeling cold and tired right now.

And of course, one of my headhunters came through and found me a new job! One which starts tonight. Argh. Must go to work, and all I want to do right now is fall asleep. Under some really warm blankets.

Oh, and pics of the girlie are available for viewing in [ profile] plaidbrat's journal right now. I'll repost some here, after I get the daughterling off to daycare.
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Right. It's Thursday, an early start to the easter weekend, and also CON!

No, not this con.

I mean this con! The one I've been bitching all month about.

The car is 9/10ths loaded, the food has been grabbed, and insanity and strange chemicals are percolating through my veins.

Things I expect to see?

Well, there's always this classic post for an example.....

So, in a few hours, off we go. Wish us luck.

Of course, it'll also be easter. In other words, that holiday where I feel pretty sympathetic towards all those bunnies. Y'know, the ones whose poor anuses are sore as hell from extruding all those damn eggs. So I usually go crucify a bunny and feel better about it.

Anyways, have a good weekend folks, I'll see you all on Monday.
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Just did the route plotting for driving the scooter down to Norwescon.

20.4 miles, 46 minutes. And none of this will be easy driving.

Anyone know what the speed limit is on Pacific Highway S?
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Today I had the realization.

T minus four days and counting.

I am now a stress-a-holic workmonkey.

four masks, one gasmask, and two bracers currently in process on the table. One more mask on the mold, and one after that to be molded still.


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