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Ok, DeviantArt came out with a new feature that may just help some with the job search and such. They're now offering some very easy and simple online portfolio management for stuff, which includes being able to upload a resume to go with the portfolio, and clean URLs (so that nobody's scared off by seeing Deviantart in the URL.)

Anyways, here's one of the two I've created using it. Input on this'd be great, or passing it around to anyone who might need some graphic services.
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LEt's see. At my wonderful dayjob, I tend to do things in the following order of priority:

1: Cruise the internet
2: Drink copious amounts of coffee.
3: Run off at the mouth on topics from politics to coworkers to the stupidities of the latest artist we're trying to market
4: Work on my photoshop skills
5: Actually do my job.

Hell, if I could find a decent way to get away with it, I'd currently be sleeping at my desk, head propped up on a small tower of drained Starbucks cups, closed eyelids camouflaged by white out and sharpie marks. (Late night last night. Good night, but a late one.) So, what does my work do? Fire the slacker? Reprimand the lazy bastard? No. Instead they're giving me more responsibilities.

God help me.
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Game report: Friday night went well.

Life report: I think part of what's been exhausting and depressing me during the week is the lack of time/energy to do much creative. Hopefully this will start turning around soon as I get more adjusted to stuff.

Work report: Job's going well. I'm evidently two weeks ahead of the training schedule at this point, despite this being one of the four busy seasons, when everyone's usually slammed with processing quarterly taxes.

Art report: Posted two new wallpapers last night. Been working with Bryce for short renders during the week and sprucing them in Photoshop on the weekends.

Blackglass Effect
Glass Heilixing

Today, it'll be a walk to the grocery store with the kidlet, followed by shifts of cleaning and packing at [ profile] inaurolillium's, alternating with cleaning up notes from Friday's session and some freelance writing.
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All work and no sleep makes Winnegan a fucking lunatic.
All work and no sleep makes Winnegan a fucking lunatic.
All work and no sleep makes Winnegan a fucking lunatic.
All work and no sleep makes Winnegan a fucking lunatic.
All work and no sleep makes Winnegan a fucking lunatic.
All work and no sleep makes Winnegan a fucking lunatic.
All work and no sleep makes Winnegan a fucking lunatic.
All work and no sleep makes Winnegan a fucking lunatic.
All work and no sleep makes Winnegan a fucking lunatic.
All work and no sleep makes Winnegan a fucking lunatic.


Jun. 19th, 2006 12:35 pm
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Well, looks like I may have myself a job again, once the payroll agency gets around to contacting me. Looks like it starts next monday at nine am, as well. Which means, in short, HOLY FUCK!

Have to find daytime daycare for next week, starting immediately. And as a backup, anyone willing to possibly spend a day or two with the charming Brenna herself next week?
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Or rather the dismal things that bring about the lack thereof. Again.

Bastard Owner calls this morning and leaves a voicemail, wanting to know if I can come into work today. As in immediately. And he knows what the current nonexistent daycare situation is like.

I was out on the porch for the call, but by the time I come inside and finish listening to the voicemail, the phone is ringing again.

It's the Bastard Owner again. Wanting to know why I hadn't called him back yet, or just shown up for work yet.

My response: "I can't. I have no daycare for my daughter, and I'm the only one here with her. I can't bring her in, so what do you want me to do?"

Him: "I don't care, just get down here."

Me: (deep breath) No.

Him: What?

Me: A twenty minute rant on his lack of professionalism, his inability to listen to his employees, his inability to deliver a set schedule for work, and a few other things.

End result: He'll get his apron back a little later this week, and I'll be getting the check for the four hours I've worked around the same time. Pride is saying I should shove that check up his ass so far that you can read the routing number through his nostrils, but we need even that pittance of money too badly at this point.

I'm mostly done and over this already. Mostly. Just need to get a damn job and soon.
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Ok, I'm getting sick of this.

With the new cafe job (both new as in a new job for me and a new cafe-it's only been open for 12 days now.) I've been schedule for about 20 hours so far this week. Want to know how many of those I've actually been allowed to work?


The wonderful owner keeps turning my scheduled shifts into "on-call" shifts, which loses me both money and time, since I keep (why am I bothering?) leaving those hours open to actually work. And of course, the loss of income and time raises the whole stress factor, which means my artistic work is suffering. I've had a map drawn up and mostly completed for the Tiran project for days now, but I've been under enough stress that I just can't get the damn penciling on the thing done and get it inked. Same goes for the writing.


So, fuck it. bastard owner decides to stick me on-call today, and I'm just going to be working my ass off on my own shit. I am sick and tired of dealing with business owners who lack the stones to actually allow their employees to work.
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So, I started the new job yesterday, which included getting my schedule, etc. This morning, I get a call from the owner, informing that my shift for today is now an "on-call" shift. This is of course, after I arrange things for having someone here to take care of Brenna. This is just fucking intolerable- am I scheduled, or not? And how often is he going to pull this kind of BS?

Gah. So, right now I'm jobhunting again, and when my shift time rolls around, I'll be going in to have a talk with the owner about this stuff.
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Of course something like this happens the minute I just get a job.

Our daycare provider just called. Her and her husband are now officially getting a divorce. Which means she can't take care of Brenna any longer, since she'll be stuck with 3 of her own kids and no income. I don't blame her of course, but I'm about ready to rape the soon to be ex-husband with a rusty apple corer. And we're now hard up on daycare, right when I'm starting a new job.

So, anyone know of a decent daycare service (in-home or whatever) the Northgate/Ballard/Crownhill/Greenwood type areas?
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Yesterday seemed to be the day for jobs to call me back. but I have both bad and good news as a result.

Got the call from the place I burned gas on three interviews at. Would've been a nice desk job, casual environment, doing contract research work. And the payscale was perfect. So of course I didn't get the job. Even after three bloody interviews.

Instead I got the call from a cafe I'd applied and interviewed at. That's right, I'll be barista-ing again. Pay won't be great, but tips will hopefully make up for this. At any rate, I have a one-hour-training session tomorrow, after which I'll be finding out my work schedule.
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Well, yesterday's interview turned out to be a no-go. The job itself would've been sweet (playtesting games on the Revolution, *cough* I mean Wii). But with 15-16 hour days being somewhat the norm and sometimes for a week or two straight, there would've been no sanity or sleep available, especially with the Brenna factor in there. So tomorrow's another interview, with a different place. Let's hope something starts showing some results soon- I hate getting all gussied up for interviews when there's to reward from it.
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OK, the short report on the weekend.

Con was good. good for business and great to see a bunch of people I haven't seen in a good long while. The bad side? I'm fucking exhausted. Constantly feeling cold and tired right now.

And of course, one of my headhunters came through and found me a new job! One which starts tonight. Argh. Must go to work, and all I want to do right now is fall asleep. Under some really warm blankets.

Oh, and pics of the girlie are available for viewing in [ profile] plaidbrat's journal right now. I'll repost some here, after I get the daughterling off to daycare.
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So, at work our main office has come to a conclusion- since the Seattle office was able to complete all its assignments last week, even with 5 people eliminated (thanks to me), they're going to eliminate the third shift (my shift) No shifts will now be available that start later than 11am, and no weekend shifts any more. And since I can't work those hours, I've been removed from staff, as of this coming Sunday. Joy. Time to start jobhunting again. Just. What. I. Needed. Right. Now.

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My wife picked up a personal trainer for me today for about $9.99

Ross evidently has Tony Little 4-pack DVDs on sale right now.

I don't know what it is about that blond-mulleted hyperactive dwarf, but his videos I can work out to. Anything else I've tried, I feel more self conscious or start getting snarky at the people on the video.

In other news, fell asleep while B was out for her nap. Didn't wake up until almost 2. Not good. Rushing to get everything ready for work. Why am I posting now?


Nov. 19th, 2005 02:17 pm
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Things I keep reminding myself of at work, that I am never allowed to act upon.

"Gravy Mix" should never ever be part of a fucking recipe.

There is a key difference between wineries and brand names.

It's spelled:
(More to be added, I'm sure)

Complete sentences do not read: "Or Sweet Relish 16oz. Jar." and such fragments should not be allowed punctuation at the end.
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WHy do I have the feeling that someone, somewhere, is cooking up an Excel sheet that is nothing more than one gigantic formula that when completed will bring about the end of the world?
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You know I'm on the bad, bad, bad end of sleep dep when the line "Cut-up Goat" In the excel sheet I'm editing causes me to crack up for the next 15 minutes straight.

In other news, sealed cans of Mountain Dew have a rather nice 'splody effect when dropped from six stories up.
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So tonight, I'm working on the Oriental Trading Company Catalog.

Not the good one with all the kitschy stuff.

It's the bad one. The "Party Planner" issue. With all the wedding stuff and all the things for oddly themed parties that no-one ever throws.

Anbd some of these things have truly scary pictures. I'm going to have nightmares tonight about octogenerian catalog models wearing red and purple feather boas.
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Ok, this being the first time that I'm going to a regular job in over a year, I'm entitled to be a little bit nervous, yes?


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