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Oh goddamnit, why do they have to come out with this when I have zero funds for it?

My love for certain Dresden Codak bits and aesthetics knows no limit. And my need for this in a men's large is pretty damn close as well.
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Some things, man was not meant to know.

Some things lie buried so far beyond the realm of human existence that man should not even attempt them, simply because of the inherent risks and dangers involved.

Some things push the very envelope of sanity itself, stretching it to the fragile tearing limits much like the bubble of gum blown by one Alison Kreuger (an acquaintance of mine in my early tensder years of schooling), a sheer bubble that managed to not only be larger that her head, but both her head and br-

I think I may be wandering a bit off the graven path of Science I was beginning with. Allow me to resume.

Some things, man should not attempt. This might be one of those.

Though to tell the truth, I honestly don't care if it is or not. After reading descriptions and test reports by other "scientists," about this strange substance, I can only come to one conclusion.

It needs further field testing. And as a man who has regularly strained the physical envelope of caffeine consumption to the point where his very endocrine system has learned to independently vibrate in response to the stuff, I know of no one better to test this than myself. For anyone who wants to pay for and ship a bottle of this dangerous substance my way, I can only send you my eager thanks in advance, and my hopes that my consumption will indeed help further our knowledge of such wonderful distillates.

Ooo Shiny!

Jan. 31st, 2010 02:24 pm
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The fact that Copper now has a book release is very relevant to my interests, and should be to some of you as well. Love this comic, as well as Amulet, and some of the other stuff that Kazu Kibuishi does. Go follow the links, it's worth it.
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Damnit, I just successfully managed to work through the whole lust/addiction thing for the vibram fivefingers. I so did not need to see these....

Custom tabi.... droooooooooooooool........
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Now, if they could only make this in a format where I wasn't punching people with my precious, precious caffeine, or at least put a good spill-guard on it, I'd be all over this thing.
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Ok, the wife has asked what other stuff I want for the birthday. so I'm being helpful and posting links. Here's that last b-day post. And here's some more bits:

Ages ago, when I first fractured my hip while working in a haunted house, I ended up the whole affair with my own set of hospital scrubs (they'd had to cut me out of my own pants, so they supplied some of theirs). That old set finally fell apart a couple of years ago, which sucked, since they made such great pj's/doing nothing around the house pants. So help me, I want to get a set of them again. This time, in black. (Medium or large should be close to my size range.)

Two: A time machine, or some manner of finding enough time to complete all the stuff I'm in the midst of. That isn't going to happen, so how about a legion of stikfa workers to help speed things up?

Or there's all sorts of other things necessary to my bid for world domination. Like my own rocketship. Or a new heart. Or tea, since one cannot take over the world without it, or perhaps just a nice boardgame to pass the time.
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Ok, obviously, I'm not going to be at Comic-con this year. However, for anyone who is, bring me a set of these, and my geeky heart may just explode in a fit of pure joy:

Yes. Lightsaber chopsticks. I am indeed that much of a geek.
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So help me, there's about five different shirts I want from here. Pity they don't have more in black.
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So, We've got a move coming up, once we find a place. And I've got a birthday coming up. Which means, like every August when this has happened before, my birthday will get overridden by moving. Not that I'm minding, believe me. But yeah, when I turn thirty this year, probably no big party. I'm taking the day off, just plain because I deserve a damn rest, but otherwise, not expecting anything major. Should anyone out there in the sound of my tapping away at the keys decide to purchase me anything in celebration of three. full. decades. on this planet...

well, here's some ideas. Big enough hint for y'all? )
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Ok, it's Tormented Artifacts season in full swing again, with two events coming up in the next month, and another in the spring, which means I need to gather supplies to turn into stuff at my usual (these days) glacial rate. So, I'm putting out a call for stuff- If you've got anything on this list that you're willing to part with, need to clear up space from, etc, I'll gladly take it off your hands or even do small-scale trades or cash for. I can pick stuff up on the weekends, and in some rare cases on weeknights, but I'd prefer to do weekend pickups.

Gas Masks- in any condition, including broken, dusty, etc. (I'll pay up to 20 bucks apiece for these, depending on condition)

Rubber- dead innertubes for exmple are great- scraps of fashion-gauge latex, however, are not- that stuff's too thin for my uses.

Interesting paper- this is for mixed-mache projects, so interesting textures of paper are great, but nothing plasticized or overly thick, as it doesn't pulp well.

Wire- I'm looking for stuff suitable to use as armature, so a relatively thin gauge, but sturdy enough to hold up its own weight plus extra.

That's about the major stuff- I'm also still on the lookout for mannequin pieces (Anything from the waist upwards) and heads, including foam wig heads. If anyone however, has a glass head in near-human sizing and proportion, though, let me know, as I will definitely pay to get my hands on an extra one.


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