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And speaking of DeviantArt, they're doing their usual, thing, and starting to let their discounts and sales stack up in interesting ways. Like today's:

Between right now and the 7th, DeviantArt's giving 25% off on all "Art Gift" items. That covers everything that isn't an ordinary print- greeting cards, magnetsmugs... Oh, and did we mention that calendars fall into that heading too? Like this years new one?

Only that's not the biggest part of the sale. The even bigger part? The fact that DeviantArt's still running the free shipping offer on any order of ten dollars or more. Which means you can grab stuff for dirt cheap, and get it in time for Giftmas for free. We still like free around here, right?

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Ok, folks. Hopefully DeviantArt will do the trick where they announce the rest of their sales for the month soon, because I'm sure you're getting as sick of these updates as I am of making them.

Anyways, this new sale, while not as cool as the 20% discount, is actually a pretty big deal, especially if you need international shipping on anything.

Why? Because from now until December 15th, DeviantArt is doing free shipping on any order over ten dollars which, if you've seen the shipping charges for well, damn near anything on DA, you get the idea- it's a pretty good discount.

But yes, that covers anything in my prints store over there, so hit the link and go check out the deal.

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Well, while I normally don't run sales myself on Black Friday, being a firm believer in not spreading the insanity around or supporting the madness, the sites I selll some extra bits through on the other hand, are running some sales today, and they're rather good ones.

First off there's Redbubble, which does all my t-shirts. They're currently doing a 15% off sale between now and Monday on all their products except stickers- which means you can pick up cool shirts like these as a great holiday gift, or as something cool for yourself:


And then, there's DeviantArt, which is also running their sale- a whopping 20% off all their wall art products- which includes prints, calendars, and damn near anything you can hang on a wall, short of your local crucifixion victim. Which means all my prints are running dirt cheap right now. Like these:


Yes. All that, and more, done dirt cheap.So, if you're like me, and doing your damnedest to avoid the stores this morning, not to mention wanting to get something truly original for folks, go have a blast! Or there's always the one stocking stuffer guaranteed to keep folks oohing, aaahing, and wondering just what the fuck is wrong with you: the Windrow-Ravenswood Deck. Still cheap as hell and free to ship anywhere in the US. 

And yes folks, I realize there's probably going to be a ton of similar sales run between now and giftmas- I'll try to keep the advertising posts down to once a week though, unless some major short-term one suddenly pops up. In the meantime though, I suggest you guys jump on stuff while you can, and while you're still guaranteed to have it arrive in time for the holidays. 


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Yes, I've been a badmonkey for not posting the last couple of days- that's because I'm busy finalizing a bunch of new stuff for tomorrow.

Yes. Tomorrow.

I'll be there selling all day long, so make sure to come check out some of the new stuff!
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Or at least, I think they are- this is like the third sale or discount in the last two months at least, and normal they aren't quite so regular.

Anyways, while it's not going to be of much interest to US users, DeviantArt is currently giving out a 50% discount on shipping for any orders over $70.  Like I said, not much of a deal for those in the US, but if you're not states-based, this is huge, as they typically charge both arms, both legs, and a head to ship overseas.

What, I need to show you pretties to make you go look at the beautiful discounted prints? All right, how about these?

Just click any of those to go see the full selection. Or, you could go grab next year's calendar a bit early:

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Ok, folks, time for the big friday sale announcement!

To start with,
the Big Halloween Thing is still going on, of course- for those not familiar and not feeling like link chasing, that's the part where I've announce that all the free shipping on mask orders I normally do will be coming to an end after this Halloween. Which means, if you want a mask, grab it now, before the shipping charges happens! Click the poster ad to go hit and start grabbing:

Secondly, I've decided to go ahead and knock 10% off on the still-newish Mechanism design over on Redbubble for this weekend only-

Thirdly, I'm doing the exact same deal over on DeviantArt with these two prints:
Again, just click either one to go to the ordering page. Plus, since DeviantArt's, currently running a discount on framing, it's an even better time to grab something framed, should you want to get all fancy and such!
And finally, if you haven't caught it on twitter or facebook, if you've been wanting to try on some masks, or grab a copy of the WIndrow-Ravenswood deck in person, and don't want to wait until Mourning Market on the 17th, You can! Monster Art and Clothing in Ballard is now carrying both some masks and the deck, just in time for Halloween! If you're in the area this weekend, make sure to go check them out! 
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All right folks, time for BIG IMPORTANT SALE NEWS:

This just in from the fearless leader of the Deviant Art prints department: A 15% off sale on all paper and canvas wall art.

That means that all my prints, be they on photo paper, fine art archival materials, or even wrapped canvas are now on a good healthy discount. Framing isn't included, but otherwise this is a sweet deal you should definitely take advantage of- after all, you could easily end up with one of these guys on your wall at this price:


Or even the brand new:

You want this. your children (possibly the ones you don't have yet) want you to have this. You should do it. And the sale only lasts until September 7th, so you'd best jump on it while you've got the chance.
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Ok, this starts it.

The Great Prints Sale.

From now until the end of the month, I'm doing some serious price reductions on the new "Memory" series of prints over on DeviantArt. The pricing's a little weird- there's no straight-across-the-board percentage that I've taken off. Instead, here's how it works:

Canvas and Paper Fine Art Prints: $10 off of each size.

Photo Paper Prints:
5x5: $1.00 off (what, they're only two bucks to begin with!)
8x8 & 10x10: $5 off.
20x20: $20.00 off. That's right. Biggest discount on the biggest size, making those suckers downright affordable.

Wrapped Canvases: $30.00 off. Again with the fucking crazy

And for those who need a visual reference, here's the prints involved, with links to the print pages:

Anyways, enjoy the dirt cheap pricing, as this'll be good through July 4th only. There'll be other sales later on different stuff as well. But only the last week of each month through the summer, and no guarantees that the Memory series will be what's on sale again, so grab 'em while you can.
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Ok, that thought about doing a sale on prints? DeviantArt beat me to the punch, because right now, they're doing a 15% markdown on any and all wrapped canvas prints.

For those wondering, that'd be these guys right here. (Go on, click it- you know you want to see which prints fall into that category)

Now realize, that this is probably the most expensive category of prints on DA. They're also the highest general quality out of the print mediums they offer, and they're easily framed. Or just a beautiful to hang as is. 15% is nothing to scoff at on these guys- so go check it out! Also, it's only good until midnight on the 8th. You have 48 hours.


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