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So, tomorrow's Windrow-Ravenswood Day.

What the hell does that mean? Well, not all that much really- as far as dates go, there's about six different ones I could've arbitrarily picked for it- but the one I ended up going with, March 10th, made the most sense to me, simply because it was the day that the final card in the deck was uploaded.

Now, what does that mean for anyone else running it? Well, I figured I'd do a one-off bit of a celebration. That means there's going to be a few things happening. For one, there'll be a bit of an interesting contest over on the official Tormented Artifacts Twitter feed. There's also going to be a special kind of sale running on Tormented Artifacts itself- which'll be another way, aside from the contest, to get free schwag.

All of which is coming up starting tomorrow morning. So if you're on twitter, definitely start following the feed I linked above. Otherwise, you'll have to watch this space and wait for the announcements to hit here from elsewhere.
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Ok, folks, it's up and doing time!

Starting with it being official Calendar time. That's right- DeviantArt now has calendars available for 2011, and the new design for this year is now finished, uploaded, and ready for ordering.

Here's the cover- just click on it to go over to the ordering page, where you can see all the internal pages and everything else:

As always, DeviantArt does an awesome job qualitatively on their wall calendars, so this should definitely be worth checking out, if you need one for next year, or if you need one as a gift for someone else.

and if you're not sold on seeing the Windrow-Ravenswood Deck up on your wall for an entire year, why not check out my other two calendar designs from previous years that are still available?
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Well, my bnirthday happens in seven days, and given that, I figured I should be giving everyone a reason to celebrate.

So, for the next seven days or so, until just after my birthday, I'm running a horder of sales.

First off, over on Redbubble, all of my t-shirt designs have now had 10% knocked off the price!

I've also done the same thing for four of my own personal favorite prints on DeviantArt:

(Just click any of those images to go to their respective ordering pages.

And finally, there's the Really BIG sale bit-I'm taking five bucks off the Windrow-Ravenswood Deck. That's right- for those who haven't grabbed the nigh-infamous deck yet, or just want an extra copy, you can grab one for the next few days for only fifteen bucks. Just hit the link above or the animation below to go grab a copy.

Other than that, well, enjoy the next week! I know I will be.
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Yes, this should be me busy working on the book for the deck, but I'm taking a much-0needed sanity break for a couple of hours while I get this bit dealt with.

Ok, it's official. I'm trying a new online service for some printing work- specifically, redbubble. No, there's not going to be any redbubble exclusive pieces or anything- they'll be carrying some of the stuff that already exists in other formats elsewhere.

However, they do have a bit more range for matting and such on their prints, so that's at least worth looking at.

But more importantly, there's the following bits:

That's right, folks. T-shirts. Click any of the designs above to go straight through to redbubble's ordering page for sizing, color (there's options!) and pricing info. Now you too can have original casual fashion that will truly fuck with your neighbor's brain.
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Ok, as of today, I'm officially off the muscle relaxants, and seeing a huge improvement already in my mood, energy level, and even pain levels. I'm not going to be an idipot and try to get caught up on everything at once, but at least now I can start operating semi-normally. This is damned good news.

In other news, I'm in a bind on one thing- there's about thirty international orders sitting here, and thanks to the prescriptions and other things I had to unexpectedly pay for with no other funds to access, my shipping account has been drained. I only need to sell about 4 or 5 more decks to cover the shipping fees, and then I'll be able to get stuff moving out again on monday. If people can help spread the word about the deck today and this weekend, that'd be a huge help. Or if you've been thinking about ordering a deck but have been holding off on it, now would be a great time.

If you're up for helping, here's some tools:

-The direct link to the deck page via Tormented Artifacts:

-The previous Livejournal promo posts and such about the deck- feel free to grab material from here: clicky.

And no- I'm not holding the orders back until those sales come in. Come monday, I'm shipping them out, whether I have to overdraft myself or not to get them gone. either way, they will be out of here come monday- I'd just rather not bankrupt myself to do it, if I have the option.
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All right, folks, it's time for the official announcement- the printed copies of the Windrow-Ravenswood Deck have arrived!

Qualitatively, they're better than what I hoped for. Comparing these to a standard deck of cards you'd get from a regular line or casino, there's zero difference. Paper stock is great and durable. The matte/linen finish allows for decent shuffling and movement, and they certainly don't feel like flimsy or poorly produced items. Here, check out the quick shots I managed to grab this morning:

The only bad side is that these arrived before my mailing supplies did, so we won't be able to start shipping until the 14th, roughly. But that's when the first wave of decks will be going out to pre-order customers. In the meantime, those customers here in Seattle who've pre-ordered decks can pick theirs up live at Abney Park's Circus at the End of the World event tomorrow night- just give us your email address and proof of shipping address, and we'll be able to hook you up with your deck in person. Or, you can still order decks online if you haven't yet.
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Holy crap. Ok, just got a bunch of shots of the cards in process from the printers. Note, these have not been color adjusted or anything so their camera may be off on coloration with stuff. It should also be noted that they're still printing- I do not have decks yet, this does not mean they're here yet. At the same time though, here's our first glimpse of them as a real live physical object, and dude, that glimpse is awesome.

Things are getting close to the finished decks being shipped to me though, and once I get notification of that, we'll be switching from pre-order mode to full on order mode on the website, which means the price will be changing. So, if you want to grab them while they're still at the pre-order price, now is definitely the time.

And for those who don't have it handy, here's the link to the pre-order page again: clicky here.
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Ok, first off, for those deviants who were wanting a chance to grab mousepads or other products with some of the deck images, I have good news- you now can! I've gone ahead and updated some of the print options here with new sizes and products, so go check 'em out. Here's the ones I've updated so far:

And if you want a specific card upsized that's not on this list, let me know in the comments, and I'll get things updated.

In other news, production is currently underway on the deck itself- we finished proofing earlier this week, so things are still go for mid april. Due to the fact that we're nearly at 200 orders now, I've had to make a couple of changes on the deck itself- nothing major, thankfully:

*All the cards now feature a black border around the edge- it's not huge or anything, and doesn't interfere with the existing artwork

*PROFESSIONAL-GRADE CARDSTOCK! These suckers should be pretty durable.

*Tuckboxes got added in. Yes, they weren't planned before, as, well, I didn't think we'd be getting a huge number of orders for decks originally. All orders will be boxed. The bags mentioned in the original pages about the deck will still be included for those who want them as well.
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All right guys, I need some opinions here, so comment up, please. And no, commenting is not a commitment to purchase anything later or anything like that, but I do need some opinions.

So, In between drumming my fingers nervously and waiting for word from the card printers, I've been looking at options for other stuff involving the Windrow-Ravenswood material. T-shirts and such is one angle, of course, but there's also one product I couldn't help but thing about putting together right off the bat:

A book.

Specifically a guide to the deck, done as a downloadable pdf or made available on Lulu. If it's just a download, I'm not putting a ton of effort into it- it'd just be plain text for the most part, for simple and easy printing and use at home- minimalist layout.

If I go ahead and put it on Lulu, I'd be dragging out InDesign and going full bore, though- Each card would be getting a two page spread, featuring the card itself (though in black and white, as color printing on LuLu gets bloody expensive) and a page opposite that with description, divination text, and other bits. That's 108 pages of material right there, and there'd also be more with statement sections, some divination spread ideas, possibly a WRD-based poker variant. In short, decent-sized useful paperback with pictures, that'd probably cost about as much as the deck itself did. Would people be interested in picking up a copy of such an item if I made it available?


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