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Ok, time for the second wave of new pieces- here's what didn't get posted up last night:

Utility Belt 2 by =Winneganfake on deviantART

Message in a Deadly Bottle by =Winneganfake on deviantART
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(Click the image to go hit the DeviantArt page. I'm sick of the issues happening with DA embeds on crossposts)

Wait, what's that? A League of Extraordinary Bastards remake? But, but, that would mean that there's a new wave of LXB merch like shirts and stickers, right?

Shirt. See also the ability to change colors or styles to almost anything you'd like it on:

Sticker. Peel, stick, and repeat. And enjoy to the full satisfaction as those puny heroes discover that you've placed stickers all over their stuff AGAIN.
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Ok, folks, it's up and doing time!

Starting with it being official Calendar time. That's right- DeviantArt now has calendars available for 2011, and the new design for this year is now finished, uploaded, and ready for ordering.

Here's the cover- just click on it to go over to the ordering page, where you can see all the internal pages and everything else:

As always, DeviantArt does an awesome job qualitatively on their wall calendars, so this should definitely be worth checking out, if you need one for next year, or if you need one as a gift for someone else.

and if you're not sold on seeing the Windrow-Ravenswood Deck up on your wall for an entire year, why not check out my other two calendar designs from previous years that are still available?


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