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Let me start out by wishing a big happy birthday to none other than the soul of cuteness herself, my daughter!

4 years today. Wow.
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My evil, inhuman bastard of a cat is going to die. horribly. He's figured out a brand new technique, runs something like this:

"Hm, it's 5am. I want breakfast, but the tall humans are just going to ignore me this early in the morning. WAIT! I know. If I wake up the little human, one of them will have to get out of bed to deal with her, and I can get fed at the same time. Excellent! Victory is mine!"

My cat is both intelligent, and made of pure unrefined evil for coming up with this cunning plot. Next, he may try to take over the world.
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Busy week, busy weekend. And it's only half over. Got to see [ profile] mahariel and [ profile] inaurolillium today at Brenna's Birthday picnic, which was, thankfully nice and low-key. Speaking of, the daughterling made out like a bandit this year: new trike and helmet, new toys, musical instruments, puppets, a pirate treasure chest, all sorts of stuff. Exhausting day of playing though. In fact, both kidlet and [ profile] plaidbrat have been deeply crashed out from exhaustion for a couple of hours now. Me ion the other hand, I have stripes. On my head. Turns out our "emergency" sunscreen (which I needed to make use of at the park today on my shaven scalp) is sweat-soluble. Which means an accidental run of my hand across my head left some spaces rather exposed. So yeah. Relatively pale, except for where I've got some nice big red streaks.

So, what've I been doing tonight?

Posting News stories on DeviantArt.
And cleaning up the worktables. The damn stock tote's almost full again. Which, of course means only one thing. Time to fill another tote.

I also finally shot and shopped the pictures for one recent arrival- my stock samples from the League of Extraordinary Bastards! Check out the stickers!

Print quality's better than I expected, and a damn sight better than the original printings were. The adhesive seems to work well also- the sticker that I attached to Lenin's rear cargo pod has stayed firmly affixed, despite driving through the worst of the rain in the last couple of weeks. Anyways, definitely worth the purchase.

Other stuff to do tomorrow:

Hook up with [ profile] bloodengel for a photo disc.

Find a new beanbag or floor pillow. Our old one suffered a potty-training related mishap, and needs replacement. (Any good suggestions for where to shop?)

Relax. Rest. Get ready for the trip of doom next weekend, which shall consist of me and a three year old driving solo to spokane to visit family.
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Argh! Thud!

Well, if it isn't one thing, its another.

Reposted from [ profile] plaidbrat:The lady who runs her in home daycare has to go to her Mom, as her Mom is dying. At this time, she doesn't know how long she will be away and she needs to leave Saturday, so... Brenna has 2 more days of daycare there. Sigh...

Now... the mad scramble for daycare when funds are just too tight!!! Argh!!!

Anyone got any affordable daycare suggestions in the northend of Seattle? It can be in Shoreline, Edmonds or Mountlake Terrace, as long as it's within a mile of Hwy 99.
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I really hope I never turn into this as I get older.

That said, there are times when I fear I'm doing it already.
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Brenna's still sick unfortunately, this makes day five of her chest congestion and lack of appetite. So we're keeping her out of daycare for the day, and I'm staying at home with her.

She's on antibiotics right now, and cough medicine, etc etc... I just hope she starts feeling better soon.
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So the kidlet got her first night of trick-or-treating last night- I'll post pictures later on.

Stuff we learned: Freemont is a killer place to go through for Halloween. Brenna, despite being too shy to every say a word to anyone, managed to come off with a better haul than some of the ones I had as a kid.

It also only took two pieces of candy to send her off the end of a sugar high/crash that was pretty damn fierce. Wow. Wish I still had that kind of metabolism.

And have they upped the sugar content in cady over the last few years? I tried all of one 3 musketeers bar, and all it tasted like was, well, tooth pain.

Now to get ready to go to work, which will no doubt be a royal pain for the rest of the week. Ugh.
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Okay... the little girl is turning 2 in just under a month (the 22nd of August)and plans are underway for her birthday party. We're planning her party for Saturday, the 19th of August at Sandel Park, which is about 5 blocks from our apartment.

So, if anyone would like to be invited or know what is planned, let me or [ profile] plaidbrat know, since we'll both be setting up invitation filters for this.
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Of course something like this happens the minute I just get a job.

Our daycare provider just called. Her and her husband are now officially getting a divorce. Which means she can't take care of Brenna any longer, since she'll be stuck with 3 of her own kids and no income. I don't blame her of course, but I'm about ready to rape the soon to be ex-husband with a rusty apple corer. And we're now hard up on daycare, right when I'm starting a new job.

So, anyone know of a decent daycare service (in-home or whatever) the Northgate/Ballard/Crownhill/Greenwood type areas?
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So, [ profile] plaidbrat is trying to teach Brenna a new phrase. Namely, "daddy's evil" (it's coming out more like "DaDa EEbil!")

I can see age six now.

"My dad can beat up your dad!"

"No he can't."

"But my dad's bigger. And meaner!"

"But my dad kills puppies and hamsters. With a blowtorch. For Satan!"

Forget college fund. I might as well start up her therapy fund.
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I think everything's starting to catch up to me physically- I certainly feel bad enough for it at any rate. Ugh. Exhaustion, plus my sinuses burn with the fire of unrelieved congestion.

so to recap the weekend for any who missed it:

The car got broken into- CD's got stolen, and we're looking at probably 2-3K in repairs thanks to the ineptitude of the would-be thieves. More on that later when I know more.

PvP: The Beatdown got released as well, to not much fanfare- I'll just keep posting about it until I see everyone else doing the same.

And this computer looks like it may be dying- our one good hard drive, which is currently in it, keeps having bad clusters pop up in different files, and a process named wuauclt.exe keeps causing any program that resizes the screen to uncontrollably lock up the entire system. Argh.

Brenna had her 18-month appointment today- 24 lbs and change, and just for 30 inches tall now. She's shooting up like a weed!

Ok, that's the major bases. If I can breathe again later and form more coherent sentences, I may even have a fully fledged rant to post up.

Oh, and [ profile] jgreywolf? Happy Birthday!
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So, I've been putting off this post because of well, sheer exhaustion probably.  But at any rate we're stuck in the middle of a childcare snafu.

It works like this- Mon-Wed, Steph and I both work. Our shifts unfortunately time out too closely together, which means (thanks to metro) that there's about a two hour gap between times when one of us can be home. And with gas prices and everything else, it's not easily feasible to just drive downtown with Brenna each day and hand both her and the car off to Steph when I get downtown. So, what I'm wondering is this- anyone out there interested in spending 2 hours during the week (from roughly 2:15 until around 4:30 or so) with the lovely wee one? It doesn't have to be for all three days, in fact it'd be even better if I could get multiple people hooked up for this. However it does have to be consistent- Random different people constantly would, I'm sure, mean that communications get crossed and a day comes with no-one showing up and the schedule just goes to kablooey. You get the idea.

And yes, if need be, I can find some way to recompense you for your childcare services. Now that I've got a job again, it's a bit easier to say stuff like that.

So, anyone? anyone?


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