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This, then is my madness.

Twelve hours, caught and bound in leather and paper. In brass and bone and blood and paint and ink, they lie bound.

Bound, they move, and each turning creates further patterns to the hours themselves.

Moving in time to the restless heartbeat of the clock contained inside.

This, then, is madness. Is prophecy. Is the culmination of knowledge and art and skill.

This, then, is the Book of Lost Hours.

Yes, folks, that's right- the Book is now live on the Tormented Artifacts site. Tell your friends, tell your favorite review blogs, art columns, news sites, and anywhere else you think it might do some good.)
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So, if any of you are ever curious as to what some of the prints from DeviantArt look like (well, those of you who didn't order the calendar or anything yourselves) [ profile] enymph  did the hard work for you- under the cut's a couple of shots from the high-grade giclee printing of  BOLH: Lost Plate One. Come on... you know you want to see it.  )
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This is a test. This is only a test. But I do need some people who aren't DeviantArt members to click on that and make sure it works.
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Ok, so I've been doing those plates for the Book of Lost Hours over on DeviantArt (If you somehow missed the ginormous flash widgets over the last two weeks.) Anyways, in addition to being able to sell individual prints via DeviantArt's print service, I've got the advantage of working at an art reproduction company. Which means access to large-scale art printers. Which has pretty much given me the idea of doing a couple runs of ALL the plates, and collecting them into "folio collections." One to go with the book itself, obviously, but maybe one or two spare folios as well. Hell, if there's enough interest, I may take preorders and run out a batch of them. I'm still working on the pricing end to figure out the total cost, but there'd be 15 prints in the folio in total, with sizing being about 8"x12" (not sure on that, but I'm betting they won't resize any bigger than that). They'd be giclee prints on high-grade art stock paper, so they could be easily matted and framed, if that's your desire.

Anyways, that's all the info I'd have on it for the moment- time for the tickys:

[Poll #1282656]
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Look, at least I'll stop doing these updates all the time very soon- after all, there's only twelve of these things in total...

BOLH: Plate Twelve by =Winneganfake on deviantART

BOLH: Plate Eight by =Winneganfake on deviantART
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BOLH: Plate Four by =Winneganfake on deviantART

BOLH: Plate Five by =Winneganfake on deviantART

This is probably also the last of the backplates that I'll be posting unless there's print sales or something on DA to justify posting more of them up on their own. After all, I need to be working on the book itself, not just promoting the little add-on bits that are part of the whole thing.


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