May. 8th, 2012

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 Good Morning, World. 

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All right- it's a s done as it's going to get for the moment.

So, ten years or so of doing Tormented Artifacts leaves you with a lot of... leftovers. Pototype designs that just didnt' sell at conventions, or in some cases, even on the main website. Pieces too big or fragile to haul around to con after con after con. Even the rare cases of items that you just couldn't justify selling at the actual price they'd be if you really did log all your hours on the work. And of course, the occasional curiosity that has me sitting here going "Now why in fuck did I make THAT?"

Well, I'm being good and decluttering. Why does that matter to any of you? Because I'm putting it all up for sale, at a fairly good discount compared to what I normally sell stuff at. And I'm doing it in a place that's rather unusual for me- Etsy.

I've had an account there for years, and, well, this is pretty much the perfect chance to use it to unload some of this stuff, including my entire collection of framed pieces. Just so I can get all this stuff the hell out of storage, and hopefully into the hands of someone who'll appreciate it!

So, enough explanations- here's the link to the Etsy site. Right now there's only 12 items up, but that'll likely change soon. Now stop reading this, and go check it out!


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